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420 Accessories Every Cannabis Smoker Needs

04/12/2018 All About Cannabis

You can’t use your roommate’s bong and grinder forever, okay? There comes a time in every stoner’s life when they need to invest in their own cannabis accessories. Having your own gear makes life so much easier and if you are a daily or frequent smoker, investing in good quality accessories will be well worth it.

Stoner Must-Haves

  • Child Proof Bag and/or Smell Proof Stash Box

Ask any stoner you know and chances are they have a box, bag, or basket designated for their smoking gear. If you want to hit expert level, get a box or bag that is smell and child proof. Even if you don’t have kids in the house, a locking bag will keep your stash safe during house parties, in-state road trips, and from roommates who are known for taking without asking.

Check out Stash Logix for locked, smell proof bags made from bamboo! If you don’t feel like you need the extra security, Skunk Travel Bags are a great smell proof option.

  • Weed Grinder

Some days just really call for an old fashioned joint and grinders are a make or break piece of rolling the perfect cone.

Picking the perfect grinder may be overwhelming. There are big, small, wooden, and metal grinders. To add to the complexity, there are grinders with two compartments and some with four. Whatever you decide on, do yourself the favor and get one that is self sharpening with four chambers. The two extra compartments will catch the kief from the buds as you use the grinder. After a while, enough will accumulate for you to sprinkle on top of your bowl or in your joint for added potency.

There are grinders that meet these specifications at every price point. Some are amazing but on the pricier end of the spectrum, like a Santa Cruz Shredder ($70). Others are high quality but more affordable, like a Diamond Grind ($30). But there are also plenty of cheap options for $10-$15 that will get the job done just fine.

  • Glass Bong or Pipe

On the days that don’t require joints, you need a nice bowl or bong. Sure, you could get a super cheap one that will get you high, but why not invest in a great piece you’ll use for a long time? Bowls and bongs require less cannabis flower than a joint, so treat yourself to a nice piece. Over the years, you’ll pay for it in the savings you get from using less product.

There are some really expensive glass pieces out there, some severely over hyped and others that are truly one of a kind and worth it. But you don’t need to spend over $500 to get unique, high quality glass. For great quality and affordable hand pipes and bongs, check out Grav Labs.

  • Poker

It’s time to stop using bobby pins and pen caps to clear your bowl. Do yourself the favor and invest in a lighter multi-tool for on-the-go needs, like this one by Lighter Bro, and a debowler ashtray for home. There is no excuse to continue living life without either of these things. Practice some self care, and save on bobby pins and pens, with this tip.

  • Joint Papers

Rolling a good joint really comes down to three things: quality (and texture) of the cannabis, tightness of the pack, and rolling paper. Unfortunately, all rolling papers are not created equal. If you like to keep things as natural as possible, skip on the rolling papers that have chemical additives. There are quite a few all natural options out there.

The most popular natural rolling papers are Elements and Raw. Elements are made with all natural rice paper and no chemical additives. They are known for how little ash they produce, a major reason people stay so loyal to this brand. Raw is a classic staple of the cannabis community, known for their high quality, organic hemp papers that are also free of all chemicals. Wiz Khalifa, marijuana extraordinaire, swears by Raw papers. Either of these brands are excellent additions to any stoner’s collection.

  • Cannabis Rolling Tray

Speaking of rolling joints, while you’re buying papers why not go ahead and get a rolling tray too? We’ve all used books, magazines, flattened boxes, and all sorts of lap-sized flat surfaces to roll on. It’s time to upgrade.

You can buy an actual rolling tray, like these from Raw, or you can get a little more decorative. A tray is a tray, no matter if it’s labeled for rolling joints or not. If you get something more decorative and inconspicuous, like this one, you can use it on a coffee table or ottoman to store remote controls and random items whenever it isn’t being used for joint rolling.

  • UV Protected Jars

Storing your cannabis correctly goes a long way in preserving its quality. Two things speed the deterioration of weed most: light and oxygen. As the plant matter breaks down, the flavor can be diminished and chemical changes take place, including THC oxidizing into CBN, a cannabinoid known for inducing drowsiness. Storing your cannabis flower in UV protected and airtight jars will go a long way in helping the cannabis inside retain its quality.

Once you have an awesome collection of cannabis goods, break them in with high quality flower. Stop by any of the 7 convenient Denver Buddy Boy Brands locations and check out our impressive selection of cannabis to fill that beautiful new bong of yours.



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