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5 Awesome Board Games to Play Stoned

08/12/2021 Culture & Entertainment

Even with places opening back up again, people are still spending more time at home – and for cannabis users that means finding awesome home-based activities to keep us occupied!  Now that we’ve mastered bread making, binged watched everything on Netflix, and have cleaned out those neglected places in our home, it’s time for something new! 

When sparking up with your friends, why not play a good old-fashioned board game!  Board games are making a huge comeback, so we put together a list of the 5 most awesome games to play when high!  Read on!


Chess has been called the sport of kings.  The stylish contrasting-colored board and pieces is a place to meet one opponent only, and you need an excellent strategy to win. 

The Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit” (speaking of binge-watching …) shows the main character, Beth Harmon, planning out chess moves mentally while high (not on marijuana, but still).  Chess allows you to flex your mental muscles, and being high may contribute to some quiet inspiration with your strategies. 

Getting high and playing chess could lead to an intense – and intensely competitive – experience.  You may have a brilliant idea hit at the right time!  Truth be told:  I used to miss classes in college because I was playing chess (stoned, of course!).  

Keep things light and fun, and you’ll enjoy the intellectual combat. 


Clue lets you experience a murder mystery with a bunch of friends.  Each player gets one clue about the murderer’s identity, and then all the secrets are locked away.  The game board represents the mansion where the murder took place, and you move your game piece through the rooms to gather more clues.  “Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the candlestick,” is not just a saying! 

Players use reasoning and deduction to solve the mystery.  It’s easy to imagine a group of friends gathering on a dark night, imbibing together and breaking out the Clue game.  Suspicion leads to hilarity!  


If you’ve ever dreamed of taking over the world, Risk might be the game for you.  Both luck and skill are involved in this complex and dynamic game.  Each player has troops they can deploy in battle across the game board, an exaggerated map of the world. 

When you lose all your troops, you’re out of the game.  If you can take over and hold continents, you may emerge victoriously.  Strategy, efficiency and understanding probability can lead to global domination. 

With the right group of friends, this could be a fun game to play while stoned.  It skews serious, competitive, and intense, but a little cannabis should lighten things up.  Of course, it’s only a game!

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan – or simply “Catan”- has been called the granddaddy of hipster board games.  The game depicts a pre-industrial agrarian society.  Each player is given resources (represented by cards).  Then you plant crops, build roads, sustain herds of domestic animals, and trade with other players in the game’s marketplace.  Eventually, settlements bloom and trade relations are forged. Think of it as the board game version of Forge of Empires.

The game moves slowly, and you might find that you can lose track of time while playing, especially if you’re under the influence of marijuana.  You and your friends may have some disputes over crops or trade imbalances, but there will be laughter along the way. 


Jenga requires some physical dexterity to be successful.  Each player approaches a wooden tower to remove one of 54 blocks and places it on top of the tower.  With each turn, the tower becomes more unstable.  Therefore, the game requires some strong nerves!

Some folks love to smoke weed, relax and enjoy Jenga with friends.  You can adapt the game by writing marijuana-related notes on the blocks, suggesting a smoking method or device that you should use after pulling out your block.  Or you could sweeten the odds and say that whoever causes the tower to fall has to make joints for all the players!  

The record Jenga stack is reported to be 40 2/3 levels high!  Think you can beat that??

Rock Band

Are you a killer air guitarist?!  Then you probably already know about this one:  Rock Band is your chance to rock out and pretend you’re a rock star, and I can’t think of a game that would be more fun to play while high. 

You might want to hook up your game unit and instrument controllers, make sure the microphone is working, etc., before you start puffing on that joint or vape pen! 

You’re scored on your ability to match scrolling musical notes, and singers need to match the vocal pitches of songs.  You can harmonize with your friends as you compete against them.  Adding some cannabis to the mix will make you feel even more like your favorite rock idol!

Honorable mention:  Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution inspired a revolution at game arcades, with young millennials moving their feet to press brightly lit arrows on a dance platform.  Pulsing lights and booming music brought many kids to high scores and higher enjoyment.  The fans were passionate!

Dance Dance Revolution can be played at home — you just need a video game console and a special mat.  Test your timing and aerobic capacity at home with friends, and cannabis will only add to the hilarity, if not your coordination.  Dance Dance Revolution is sure to bring back fun memories.

Have fun and for some of these – be careful!



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