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5 Awesome Shows to Watch While High During Lockdown - Updated for 2021!

02/1/2021 Culture & Entertainment
the cast from Schitt's Creek on the red carpet of the Primetime Emmy awards

To help keep you entertained while we’re all spending more time at home, here’s our list of 5 awesome TV shows – newly updated for 2021! – which are great to watch while blowing out a few clouds of top-shelf smoke and hopefully not coughing too much as you crack up! Trust us, you’ll want to watch these awesome series while feeling a little high!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Some shows take a while to get into and for you to find its pace and rhythm.  Most times people would have just pushed those shows aside and label them as boring, but not “Brooklyn Nine-Nine“. The show follows the personal and professional lives of a group of New York City detectives of the 99th precinct.  Now, the word ‘detectives’ brings to mind “action-packed police sequences” and perhaps “badass cops” stings that bring in drug lords and hardened criminals.  But this is not Cops – it’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” where dry humor banter replaces typical serious police action.  Get ready to laugh right from the first season – where the show has a brilliant cold opening which gets you cracking up even before the opening credits. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Andy Samberg arrives at an event wearing casual clothes

Watch out for Jake Peralta (played by the hilarious Andy Samberg), a brilliant, but quirky detective who loves the movie “Die Hard” – and quotes it, much to his coworkers’ dismay – and never seems to want to grow up.  Or the almost-too-serious Captain Raymond Holt (played perfectly by Andre Braugher) who almost always takes the literal side of a joke. This show is a must-watch for any stoner and it only gets even better from season six when NBC took over from Fox because now we have a lot of censorship bleeps which only add to the comedic awesomeness.

Big Mouth

Next on the list is “Big Mouth”.  Don’t let the animation of Nick Krolls animated series, “Big Mouth”, fool you.  Much like “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy” this cartoon series is much more for adults than kids.  “Big Mouth” is a show about kids trying to come to terms with puberty.  This coming-of-age TV show does a brilliant job with the creatures known as “Hormone Monsters” (man, can we all relate to those?!), who whisper to the kids and thrust them into more grown-up things like hugging, kissing and other lovey-dovey sex stuff that is cringe-worthy and uncomfortable for young teens.  The entire series is based on Nick Kroll’s and the show’s writer, Andrew Goldberg’s own life as teens in suburban New York.  

writer and actor Nick Kroll with the Big Mouth characters at an awards show on the red carpet

The premise sounds strange and maybe even a little (OK teen language forthcoming:) gross, but it’s a great series that deals with that wonderfully uncomfortable time of life in an endearing and comedic way.  Of course, if you’re stoned you might think otherwise!  The characters are great; the writing is original and witty, and it’s packed with a star-studded voice overcast.  It’s already four seasons strong and it’s only getting better!

Catch this great Netflix series that already has four seasons under its belt.  With a Rotten Tomatoes average rating of 99%, it’s bound to only get better!

Stranger Things

Third on our list is “Stranger Things“.  Ah yes, the show that is stirring up controversy for some folks who think it’s exploiting 80’s nostalgia and is therefore weak and some have even said lazy.  Honestly, we’re not sure where all that comes from because the show is great and is a hit.  The is the perfect mixture of horror and adolescent curiosity combined with light-hearted dialog between the mostly-teen-aged cast. 

It’s where Stephen King meets “The Goonies” with a retro-synth soundtrack to bring us back to the original ‘back-in-the-day’ era of the Cold War, MTV, and entertainment before the information super highway. Winona Ryder and David Harbour are the adults in the series who are really only supporting cast for the young main characters.

When a kid goes missing in a small town, the mom (played by Ryder) gets frantic while her other son and his friends begin to – what any 11-year-old would do – investigate on their own.  This is the beginning of a series of extremely odd and crazy occurrences that keeps the views on the edge of their seat for the entire first season. 

mysterious looking forest that looks like a scene from the Netflix series Stranger Things

Try not to binge-watch as you try to figure out what is going on, who is behind it, and who these strange characters are that continually pop up – including the eerie but harmless bald-headed girl name “Elle” (short for “11” – the name was given to her at a clandestine military base from where she came) who has telekinetic powers.  A mysterious young girl named after a number who comes from a clandestine military base? 

And what’s next?  The group of kids are, of course, intrigued and throwing caution to the wind – as we all did at that age – mount their banana-seat bikes and investigate.  Y’know, like we all did back at that age!

The End of the F***ing World

 OK, now stay with us on this one … number 4 on our list is “The End of the F***ing World” an English dark-comedy about a 17-year old boy who thinks that he’s a psychopath and has a disturbing panache for murdering animals (like we said, stay with us on this one).  It sounds horrible but the series handles this dark subject amazingly well with outstanding writing and comedy to carry us through this odd premise for a TV series. 

Well, hang on – it only gets odder! After getting bored with ending the lives of mere animals, James, our protagonist (or antagonist?!) decides to up his killing game to now end the life of a person. 

Enter Alyssa:  another teen who has her own problems with a tumultuous home life that she wants to escape.  The two create an unlikely bond, as Alyssa sees James as a way to escape her crappy home life and James sees Alyssa as the perfect victim to … gulp! … kill.

Still with us??  They two embark on an adventure-filled road trip around England and become closer through a series of mishaps and crazy situations.  The whole premise seems to destine this series to be a cult classic.  But it’s the writing, the storyline, the acting, and how the producers are able to treat such a dark and macabre subject in such a fresh, unique, and truly genuine way. 

Sunset in the Peak District National Park, with a view along the winding road through the English countryside

The series originally aired on the UK’s Channel 4 and was later picked up by Netflix in 2018, which sent this hit on the British Isles into the binge-worthy stratosphere of online streaming services.  The first season is by far the best, but don’t let the not-as-great second season deter you from catching this one!

Schitt’s Creek

Saving the best for last (OK, OK that’s my opinion!) is the brilliant “Schitt’s Creek“.  This show fell under the radar for years – perhaps because it was first only available in Canada or more likely because shows like “Modern Family” dominated the airwaves and award shows for nearly a decade.  This is one of those shows you probably missed and dismissed, but now that there’s a huge buzz around it you are just now discovering.  “Arrested Development” was much the same:  less known, but brilliant nevertheless.  Long story, short:  don’t miss this one!  

motel sign that reads Schitt's Creek from the hit TV series Schitt's Creek against a clear sky

Writing, humor, and acting. The holy trinity. It’s a heart-warming, hilarious show that depicts the lives of a formerly wealthy family who were defrauded by their business manager and now have to relocate to a crappy little town called [cough, cough] “Schitt’s Creek”.  Get it?  They are literally “up …”  OK, you get it!   

They have to adjust to the not-so-wealthy lifestyle.  The family members, headed by Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy with two adult children in tow, are fantastic and the dialog is sure to be quoted in memes and at fabulous parties (when we can go back to having those …) for years to come. 

Catherine O’Hara is a comedic revelation as Moira Rose, a matriarch who will go down in the books as one of the very best characters ever.  And finally, after the age of “Modern Family” came to an end, this genius show finally won its slew of Primetime Emmy’s.  Bravo!

With all of us having more time at home, it’s great that we are living in the second (or third?) golden age of televised programming.  Enjoy these shows, toke up and let us know what you think!



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