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6 Famous Drag Queen Stoners

01/14/2021 Culture & Entertainment
drag queens on the red carpet

RuPaul’s Drag Race – the Emmy-award winning cultural phenomenon that has pushed forward the careers of over 200 drag queens from 20+ seasons and international iterations to worldwide recognition. Some queens have gone on to very successful international careers and have become household names … Bianca Del Rio, Alyssa Edwards, Willam, Shangela. Weed and the drag culture have had an interesting relationship in the past but with the changing times, it seems more and more drag queens are turning to the green plant.

It’s likely that many well-known drag queens partake in the herb, there are several who are very open about the weed usage. For any viewers of the show or listeners to the plethora of podcasts and YouTube channels from drag queen, you know this only makes their entertaining that much more entertaining! Here is a list of the 6 famous drag queen stoners …

Laganja Estranja

stoner drag queen laganja estranja

With a name like Laganja it’s not hard to guess what this queen is all about! Laganja Estranja’s aesthetic is a combination of high fashion and marijuana but her main message is that weed is good. She is very open about her mental conditions like anxiety, focus and pain management. Recently this notorious drag queen has channeled her celebrity towards cannabis legalization activism. Weed and high fashion might be an odd combination, but for bringing the positive benefits of cannabis to yet another sub-culture, we can’t help but cheer this queen on!

Shea Couleé

The winner of the fifth all-star season, Shea Couleé is a well-known smoker of marijuana. Between glamour shots and video clips she posts on social media, Shea also shares her thoughts on marijuana and even her tight joint rolling abilities to her fans and followers. This queen even has her own Limited-Edition Shea Couleé Rolling Trays available at several dispensaries in her hometown of Chicago.

drag queen shea coulee

She is also very open about her life before drag – and before medical marijuana was legal in Illinois – when was a “retail provider” (so to speak …) for the LGBTQ+ nightlife community.

Latrice Royale

One of the most-loved and entertaining queens is “large and in charge” Latrice Royale who has gone from being a two-time contestant on Drag Race to being a co-host of a popular podcast with fellow drag alumni, Manila Luzon. Latrice starts many of the podcasts sharing her weed-smoking preparations for the show and intertwines her cannabis usage with many of the funny stories and comments throughout the show.

drag queen latrice royale

In a recent interview where she was asked what her favorite things were, she quickly answered: “donuts and weed!” Perhaps she and the interviewer were stoned during the interview because the questions quickly moved to, “Could you make a bong out of an old, stale donut you found?” To which, Latrice answered yes and proceeded to explain how to make a bong out of a stale donut! Drag queen, weed smoker and can MacGyver a bong? We love it!

Raja Gemini

Raja Gemini, or better known as simply “Raja”, is the fabulous creation of Sutan Amrull and the winner of the franchise’s third season. Since winning, Raja’s career has exploded and now includes podcasts and YouTube channels much like her fellow Drag Race alumni. She regularly talks about smoking weed along with white wine through the show which – like others – adds to the “fabulousness” of the broadcasts.

drag queen raja gemini
image courtesy of

She’s not afraid to talk about her marijuana usage either, saying in a variety of interviews that it helps her with her creativity and concentration on her craft. And it shows: Raja has evolved into one of the most influential drag queens, particularly for her perspective on fashion, the drag culture and make up artistry. She was also a featured guest at the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s “Market Trends in Marijuana” in 2018.


Willam, Willam, Willam … any viewer of the show knows of Willam Belli, the sassy-mouth queen who stirred more than the proverbial “pot” on season four. Rules for contestants on the show were implemented after Willam’s time on the show and, in fact this queen was asked to leave the contest early for – among many other things – smoking week with the crew on set! Willam’s notoriety went well beyond the show and has landed this queen in supporting roles on several TV shows and even in Lady Gaga’s cinematic triumph, “A Star is Born“.

drag queen willam belli

Willam shares the spotlight now with other queens on social media and in a variety of podcasts where she regularly talks about smoking weed and even lights up from time-to-time while filming. A sassy queen who tells it like it is and smokes? As they say in Drag Race circles, we’re living for it!

Ma’Ma Queen

One of the newest queens to hit the Drag Queen runway is Ma’Ma Queen who graced the runway of the first season of Drag Race Holland. Being from the large, trendy city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands where retail cannabis has been legal for decades (for ever?) it’s fairly a given that they smoke weed. But it was the runway category of “Miss Holland” that Ma’Ma Queen showed us just how “queen” marijuana is in the Netherlands with an outfit that incorporated marijuana in every detail of the look – down to a weed leaf septum piercing dangling from their nose.

dutch drag queen mama queen
image courtesy of

But the look didn’t stop there. They carried and smoked a real joint as they strutted down the runway! Only in the Netherlands could something like this be on TV. Though it’s not entirely sure if it was real marijuana Ma’Ma Queen was smoking but the image of a statuesque drag queen puffing on a king-sized joint on the main stage of any TV shows is definitely a first in history!

Here’s the tea …

So, here’s the tea (drag-speak translation:  Here’s the deal) … As we are all still spending more and more of our time at home as the world is still dealing with the corona pandemic, if you Netflix queue is withering down, RuPaul’s Drag Race is definitely a binge-worthy series to watch and could also be included in a list of “best shows to watch stoned”!

Happy viewing and smoking!

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