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Cannabis and Yoga

02/19/2020 Health & Wellness

Plus Eight Cannabis Friendly Yoga Classes In Colorado

Yoga and cannabis, it was meant to be

The legalization of cannabis that seems to be sweeping the nation has led to countless cannabis friendly yoga classes in the eleven states that have recreational marijuana. Those who already incorporate marijuana into their yoga practice know that the two pair well together, but many are hesitant to merge the two. The years of prohibition and the negative stigma associated with cannabis use is a far cry from the image of health and wellness. To some this may seem like some kind of new wave trend, but cannabis and yoga have been intertwined for centuries.

The relationship between cannabis and yoga goes back before the concept of time with the deity, Shiva. Shiva, known as “the destroyer” is the god of art, meditation, yoga, and ganja. According to legend, he was wandering the woods after a fight with his family and fell asleep under a lush cannabis plant. When he woke up he was famished, so he ate the leaves of the plant and was completely rejuvenated. This led to the creation of Bhang, a sacred drink that is a mixture of the leaves and buds of the cannabis plant that has been consumed to honor the deity.

Kailash Nath Temple Murugesh palaya Bangalore
The god Shiva at the Kailash Nath Temple Murugesh, Bangalore India


In a way, modern yoga practitioners who incorporate cannabis into their practice are just going back to the old sacred ways. The relationship between yoga and marijuana is more than history as cannabis can be an aid in physical activity and meditative thought processes. Marijuana is known for its use for muscle relaxation, which could help with the poses themselves, but it goes deeper than flexibility and stability.

Cannabis could help with the physical flow, but it’s also great for calming the space between the ears. In our post about Marijuana and creativity, we mention a 2000 study that looked at how cannabis influences cerebral blood flow. It found that cannabis use enhanced blood flow to the frontal lobe, which is the center of emotional and creative expression, sexual behavior, and judgement. This could be part of how cannabis helps the mind to enter a meditative state. It makes since that it aids in the fundamentals of the practice itself.  In her book Ganja Yoga, Dee Dussault talks about her philosophy of cannabis use in yoga practice.

“Cannabis enhanced yoga is not about accomplishing poses; it is about becoming more relaxed and present.” – Dee Dussault, Ganja Yoga

Places in Colorado to practice cannabis-friendly yoga

Colorado has become home to numerous ganja yoga classes for all levels of skill. Due to laws surrounding cannabis consumption, all classes are private and all participants must be 21 years of age or older. Most classes are BYOC (bring your own cannabis), but your local Buddy Boy Brands budtender will be able to help you find the perfect product for your yoga practice.

This regularly occurring and donation based yoga class is held at Denver’s Cultivated Synergy and taught by instructor Amanda Hitz. The class offers a deep and mindful experience that is accessible to all levels. Cultivated Synergy is a known cannabis friendly venue in the Denver area. Just sign up to join the Bend and Blaze Community to be invited to their private classes.

Twisted Sister Yoga is a Denver favorite that offers ceremonious cannabis-friendly yoga classes at Urban Sanctuary on Friday nights. The classes are private, but you can sign up to receive invitations by email to their private classes. If you’re looking to take your cannabis yoga practice to the next level, Twisted Sister Yoga also offers a Ganja Yoga Retreat in the summer. The retreat takes place at Devil’s Thumb Ranch and includes delicious vegetarian food.

  • Ganja Guru Yoga – Denver

Is another cannabis-friendly yoga experience that offers classes through a private invitation platform. Ganja Guru works with all skill levels to provide a meaningful practice the way it has been done for centuries. The locations of the classes are private, so you might have to connect with them for class sign ups.

Break the Stigma Fitness is more than yoga, it’s an entire gym! They offer yoga, kickboxing, and HIIT group classes. This cannabis friendly gym is all about breaking the negative stigma associated with cannabis through motivation, inspiration, education, and healing. Visit their website for classes and offerings.

Medicinal Mindfulness is more than just ganja yoga, this organization offers ganga yoga with sound healing and special “Glowga” with gongs. With all consumption friendly events, these classes are private with tickets starting at $30 dollars. The location of the classes are announced to participants.

Ganjasana goes back to the sacred relationship between cannabis and yoga with cannabis ceremonies that are healing for body and soul. Many of their ceremonies involve meditation, mindfulness, and mother earth.

Stoner Yoga embraces the modern consumer and embraces the “stoner” stereotype in the best possible way. They offer two separate private events starting at $250. Keep an eye for their pop-up events as well.

Secret Stash Yoga offers a wide range of yoga classes with optional cannabis circles before and after class. This Colorado Springs company is looking to unite the community through yoga and wellness.

Warrior pose in the Rocky Mountains
Final notes …

Legalization has allowed so many to enhance their lives medicinally and recreationally. The information provided in this blog is for general information only.  Physical activity and yoga isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to consult a medical professional before starting a new workout. If you are a marijuana consumer who is new to yoga, or are experienced with yoga and new to legalized cannabis, or just looking to see what all the fuss is about, Colorado has multiple resources for incorporating cannabis into a healing and relaxing yoga practice.



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