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New Year, New You: Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Fitness Routine

01/25/2018 Health & Wellness

The gym is packed all hours of the day; fitness classes are fully booked two days in advance; and the fridge at work is full to the brim with everyone’s meal-prepped lunches.

Sound familiar? It’s January in America! It’s the perfect (and most popular) time to recommit to fitness goals and a majority of Americans take advantage of the new start a New Year brings.

What if we told you your New Year-inspired fitness routine could…suck less? Would you believe us if we said you could infuse your workout with little cannabis to make it more enjoyable and more effective? Could you possibly imagine smoking weed to lose weight?

The Science Behind Cannabis and Weight Loss

This isn’t just wishful thinking. There is actual scientific data and plenty of anecdotal evidence that backs up why you should start incorporating cannabis into your fitness routine.

Let’s start the scientific portion of this discussion with the “runner’s high”, or the euphoric feeling some people experience during a prolonged work out. For a long time, researchers thought that feeling was solely attributed to endorphins being released in the brain. But a study published by the National Academy of Sciences says that is not the case. Instead the runner’s high is a result of an endocannabinoid called Anandamide. Anandamide is our body’s natural version of THC that makes us feel euphoric and uplifted, much like THC does after cannabis consumption.

If you want to make your workout more enjoyable from the beginning, you can use cannabis to induce an experience similar to the runner’s high at the very start of your workout. In an interview, Gregory Gerdeman, Assistant Professor of Biology at Eckerd College said, “Runner’s joy–whether natural or marijuana induced–can minimize distraction and help exercise be not just a means to an end but an enjoyment.”

Big time media entities have written extensively on the topic of cannabis and fitness, including the popular magazine Men’s Fitness. These articles are full of personal anecdotes that seem to confirm what Gerdeman said, that cannabis is an effective way to increase focus and make your workout better.

What cannabis can do for your workout it can do for your recovery as well. Proper recovery after a workout is vital to staying consistent with fitness. If you overexert yourself and fail to do proper recovery, you could be out of the gym for days waiting for the soreness due to inflammation to fade. During workouts, our muscles experience micro-injuries that cause inflammation, or the body’s natural reaction to injury. Inflammation is associated with pain, swelling, heat, and redness and can make you very uncomfortable.

Luckily, cannabis is an extremely effective anti-inflammatory naturally. You can use a one of the many cannabis topicals available at Buddy Boy Brands to help relieve inflammation and pain, allowing your muscles to relax completely and be ready for round two in the gym the next day.

If you’re wondering whether cannabis can make you lose weight, the answer is technically no, as far as we know today. But cannabis can make your workout more effective, increase your focus, and make the recovery process faster. Those all sound like pretty great reasons to give cannabis a starring role in your fitness routine.

Buddy Boy Cannabis Products To Incorporate In Your Workout

  • Buddy Boy Banana Split Flower

This Buddy Boy flower is a beautiful sativa-dominant hybrid. It is a genetic cross between Tangie and Banana Sherbert, creating a citrusy and rich flavor profile. This is a great flower for day time productivity and excellent for a pre-workout smoke or vape. The cerebral high will give you energy and motivation and help keep you focused on your form, optimizing the effectiveness of your workout.

  • Altus Labs THC Pills

If you’d rather not irritate your lungs before a workout by smoking, these Altus Labs swallowable pills are a great alternative consumption method. One bottle comes with 20 pills and each pill has 5 mg of THC, a perfect low-dose to keep you entertained and uplifted throughout your workout. These pills also have a mild analgesic, or painkiller, that will help you battle through any soreness or stiffness from your last workout. Take one pill 20 minutes before a workout.

  • Mary’s Medicinals Remedy Oil

This CBD Remedy Oil by Mary’s Medicinals is an excellent addition to the recovery process. Packed with 500 mg of CBD, or 2 mg per drop, this is one of the most pure and potent CBD tinctures on the market. Your muscles will thank you for incorporating this highly effective anti-inflammatory into your regimen.

  • Dixie Therapeutic Bath Soak

This Dixie Therapeutic Bath Soak was made to soothe your muscles after a hard workout. They use CO2 to extract the THC from high quality cannabis, resulting in a clean and potent activated cannabis concentrate. Then Dixie mixes in rosemary and cedar wood, which both have relaxing properties. Just a quick 15-minute soak in your preferred temperature of water is all you need to have your muscles feeling ready to go again tomorrow.

  • Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze

If you are feeling extra pain in a particular area, use this Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze for localized pain relief. The mentholated mixture gives your skin a warm and then cold sensation and your muscles will relax within seconds. It’s perfect for pain in the lower back, wrist, shoulders, neck, ankles, knees, and calves.

Final thoughts

If you want additional suggestions for cannabis products that can help make your fitness routine better, ask one of our knowledgeable budtenders at any Buddy Boy location.



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