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What to Know About Cannabis Drinks

07/19/2018 MJ Products & Strains

If you have been to a Buddy Boy Brands dispensary recently, chances are you saw a cannabis-infused drink on the shelf. The cannabis drink phenomenon has taken legal states by storm – Colorado included! For medical cannabis patients, canna-drinks are a good non-smoking option for micro-dosing. And for the recreational buyers, these drinkable treats are a nice change of pace to help break up the monotony of always smoking the same joints, flower, or vape pen, or eating the another gummy edible.

If you are looking for convenience, you can purchase a ready-made marijuana drink from your neighborhood Buddy Boy Brands dispensary. But if you fancy yourself a bartender and want to mix up your own cannabis beverage at home, you can easily DIY dose with 1 – 3 mL of cannabis tincture, like Strainz Ratio tinctures.

The Effective Dose and Other Tips

When making a cannabis cocktail at home, it is probably best to make it with a non-alcoholic base. Combining alcohol with cannabis makes it harder to properly anticipate the effective dose. And the effects of alcohol and cannabis don’t mix all that well for many people, sometimes leading to nausea, anxiety, and over-intoxication. Instead, skip the alcohol and make a really tasty base with your favorite ingredients and bubbles.

If you do decide to mix cannabis with alcohol:  take it very easy. Like we said, mixing these two ingredients can make it hard to anticipate the proper dose and the effects. Start with a very small dose of both until you feel comfortable increasing the dosage. If you go this route, you might consider doing the first experiment in the comfort of your own home. That way if things get weird, you can just seek refuge in your bedroom with some Netflix and ice cream. And now that we’re typing that, it actually sounds like a pretty decent Friday night.

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No matter if you buy a cannabis beverage from a dispensary or make your own at home, this advice will apply: Start with a very low dose and wait at least 30 minutes before adding any more to your system. Remember, you can always add more but you can never take it away! While the high from a cannabis beverage is very similar to that of a typical edible, cannabis drinks normally have a much quicker onset.

  • Cannabis Tea: Healthy Creation Edibles Herbal Tea

For those who like to start their day with a hot tea instead of coffee, this cannabis infused herbal tea by Healthy Creation Edibles is going to be a new morning staple. This tea is made with fair-trade, premium teas combined with pure cannabis sweet leaf for a mild, slow-releasing medication. No matter what side you fall on in the battle of sativa vs. Indica, Healthy Creation Edibles makes their tea in both varieties so everyone wins! This tea is great for people with lung, stomach, and/or digestive issues.

  • Cannabis Coffee: Purple Monkey Honey Buzz Sweetener and Canna Creamer

Any cup of coffee can be a cannabis-infused coffee with the right attitude! Well, that and the right cannabis products. Honey Buzz makes sweetener and creamer that are infused with cannabis that can be added to any beverage, including coffee, smoothies, teas, and more!

The sweetener is made of cannabis-infused crystallized honey that you simply pour into a drink. The cannabis creamer is very similar — simply pour a little bit into your beverage and you’ve got an infused drink! For recreational buyers, each box comes with 10 mg per packet, with the entire box totaling 100 mg of THC. For medical patients, that can increase to 250 mg of THC. You can add as much or as little as you want, just be aware that the THC will cause psychoactive effects.

  • Hot Cannabis Drink: Wana Hot Chocolate

There are few better throwbacks to childhood than a steaming cup of hot chocolate. It can instantly brighten your mood and settle your nerves, especially if it happens to be infused with cannabis! This Wana Hot Cocoa is made with Dutch cocoa and 200 mg of activated THC for medical patients and 100 mg of THC for recreational users. If you want to be the real MVP at your next summer camping trip, pack a package of this cannabis infused hot cocoa!

  • Cannabis Soda: CannaPunch

If you want a super refreshing cannabis drink to try this summer, grab a CannaPunch! Each bottle comes with a clearly marked cap so you can measure exactly how much to dose. There are a ton of flavors to choose from, including black cherry, blue raspberry sour, grand daddy grape, pineapple mango, and watermelon nectar.  You can pour these back like shots or mix the right dose with a sparkling soda or other fruit juice. Make a mixture ahead of time and take it with you to dose discretely throughout the day.

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Next time you’re in the neighborhood of one of our seven metro-Denver locations, be sure to check out the latest and greatest cannabis drinkables.  And as always, our expert budtenders are there to help your find the best brand, product and amount for your specific needs and goals.



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