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Creative Bong Ideas

04/15/2021 Culture & Entertainment

Those of us who enjoy smoking marijuana tend to be open-minded. We’re open to new experiences. We tend to be tolerant of unique ideas. And when it comes to pot, sometimes a new delivery method is just what is needed.

Remember back in the day, when we needed to improvise to find something to smoke from? An apple could be transformed from a snack into a bong! Just check out videos in YouTube to remind you of those good old days!  From the most prosaic and plentiful of objects, a chance to experience the sublime – who could say no to such an opportunity?

Maybe choosing an apple had to do with convenience for many of us, but for others it could have been a fun engineering challenge. Another factor could have been the flavor imparted by the fruit. It is interesting to think about how smokers across the ages have considered the question – what’s another way to smoke marijuana?

Most of us had made an apple bong at least one time in our lives!

Convenience Is Key

The classic material available to teenagers (and others) would have to be the aluminum can. It was cheap and it worked extremely well. Critics point out that the aluminum used in cans could pose a safety hazard (whereas the aluminum foil needed for other alternative methods is cleaner and more stable), and that toxins from the paint could have been released during a smoke. But fans of this method point out that residual sugars and caffeine from the beverage can give you some additional flavor.

Nowadays, the POM bottle has gained fans. It certainly has a sexy shape and, with a few extra materials, is easy to turn into a water pipe.

Pens are also easily transformed into pipes, with no additional materials needed. Young people call them “transformers,” since they can be turned back into pens once you’re done smoking!

Hot knives can be a thrilling option for smoking in the open. Just be cautious! Hot steel must be handled with care.

Engineering an Empire

Some fans of ganja also love a challenge. For them, engineering something unique to smoke from is part of the fun.

One of the coolest options is a pipe made of ice. (There is a video online showing how this is done.) Basically, you use bowls and shot glasses as molds to form the ice shapes, which are then assembled and refrozen. The ice provides a refreshing smoke, and as it melts you can be reminded of the fleeting pleasures of life and the illusory passage of time. Positively Proustian!

People have innovated to make pipes out of Super Soaker water guns (deemed Super Smokers or Super Tokers), towers of Legos, an assemblage of Starburst candies, honey containers, Pringles cans, and even a lightsaber. Some gamers have used old Xbox or Nintendo controllers to build pipes!

Mason jars are ubiquitous, and the lids can be drilled into easily, providing a good seal for a water bong. Just don’t tell Grandma if you repurpose her canning supplies!

Getting Back to Nature

A homemade apple pipe is a reminder that smoking can bring us closer to the natural world. Other options for pipes have included bananas, pumpkins, watermelons and even a red pepper with the stem and bowl carved from a carrot. Lemon or orange peels are another natural option, with citrus providing an aromatic boost.

The thinnest paper can be used to form a blunt, and sometimes an old book can supply just what you need.

Water bongs can use alternatives that bring different qualities to the smoking experience. Ice condenses the smoke better, meaning more smoke can be inhaled. Using hot tea or iced tea can provide a pleasing experience – just don’t add sugar, as this will make your bong harder to clean.

Wine is another liquid that can enhance your smoking experience. Most liquor can’t be used to replace bong water, but wine has a low enough alcohol content that it works just fine. Wine adds unique flavor to your smoking experience.

They say a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and a sweeter blunt can be fashioned from rose petals. The scent could bring your high even higher.

The most earthy bong alternative would have to be the earth itself. You can make an earth bong by digging a small tunnel and adding a bowl and mouthpiece at either end. A nighttime earth-smoke would seem a perfect accompaniment to looking at the stars.

If you would like to pursue any of the more creative options bong or pipe options, be sure to use metal for the bowl piece or any piece that might have flame or intense heat next to it.

Seasoned and Sophisticated

Some of us have loved smoking marijuana for quite a long time. Call us connoisseurs. We have knowledge, insight and understanding. We have a length of experiences and a breadth of choices to look back on, which has brought us to some amazing heights.

Now, looking back it could seem crazy, the lengths we had to go to in order to make something to smoke from! But while times have changed, the fundamental choice remains. We choose marijuana, and happily, many others have come to see our point of view. Now we can set aside experimentation and choose to purvey from some of the finest establishments, to legally buy pipes and bongs that have been manufactured by professionals. You can now smoke the best weed in the world – Colorado weed! – and your new choices have a clarity and precision that in the past we only dreamed of.

Happy smoking!


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