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Danksgiving with Friends - Get Ready for This Great 420 Holiday

11/26/2019 Culture & Entertainment

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year as it kicks off the holiday celebrations with a feast! Now, it goes without saying that Thanksgiving dinner is best paired with a few smoke sessions to ensure that the munchies are in full effect by the time the meal is ready.

As a reader of the Buddy Boy Blog, you know this isn’t your mother’s typical blog, or maybe it is and your mom is really cool. This time of year gives us a reason to celebrate life with the people that we care about. Since Thanksgiving is typically associated with family, we are going to be diving into the more modern November celebration, Friendsgiving – or as we like to call it: Danksgiving with friends.


Danksgiving Strains to Enjoy

A Danksgiving celebration just wouldn’t be right without a little smoke or dab action, and we’ve got some recommendations that are sure to get you feeling festive! Typical Thanksgiving fare tends to be a little heavy, so we aim to keep it light. It wouldn’t be much of a party if everyone took a weed nap just as the party was getting started, that’s what the post dessert food coma is for.


Here are a few strains to enhance the Danksgiving experience:

Jack Herer

This strain is an oldie, but a goodie. This sativa-dominant strain is described as clear-headed, euphoric, and perfect for making conversation with friends. It will get the party started with an uplifting euphoric high and delayed onset of mild munchies. This strain is perfect for socializing at a party.

Cherry Diesel

This strain is a great middle of the road hybrid that will relax and uplift you at the same time. The even keeled high is what makes this strain perfect for a friendsgiving celebration. Its high is relaxed yet functional. It will get the munchies started just in time for appetizers. It’s rich cherry flavor pairs well with cherry pie.

Strawberry Fields

Don’t let the Strawberry name fool you, this Indica-dominant strain is heavier than people think. Its rich strawberry flavor will get your mouth salivating. This strain is a great choice before dinner, or between dinner and dessert. It’s appetite inducing high in a great choice for just before the food is ready.

The Main Event

If you’re looking to get even more festive with your Danksgiving celebrations by infusing the meal, we’ve got some useful tips to keep your party joyously elevated. If you’re planning on infusing the meal please note that dosing matters!

Edibles are one of the biggest culprits to overconsumption, particularly when it comes to homemade edibles. Weather you’re infusing one dish, or the whole meal, it’s important to plan ahead and calculate the mg dosage for each dish and each serving so you can have an idea what 1 plate of food might be. This gives the guests the freedom to consume based on their unique tolerance.

We’re looking to enhance the party, not trick our friends into blasting off into another dimension. For this reason, it may be a good idea to include some CBD to balance the effects of THC. It’s difficult to calculate the dosage when making infused butter or oil from scratch, so we recommend adding products that are already infused to your dishes to ensure accurate doses.

B’s Treats Honey

This may be the most versatile product on our shelves. This local Colorado honey can be added to sweet and savory dishes. It’s already activated, so it requires little to no effort to infuse. We recommend adding it to cornbread stuffing with a little smoked paprika or cayenne to provide a kick with a little sweetness. It would also be delicious added to a berry or fig jam and serving it with brie or goat cheese. Each dropper of honey provides 10mg of active THC.

Love’s Oven Caramel Bites

Love’s Oven is an amazing company that uses all natural ingredients in their handmade baked goods. You can really taste the love in their caramel bites. Caramel is great for Friendsgiving because like the honey, it can be added to so many things. You can bake them in cookie dough to make multan caramel surprise cookies. You can also cut them up and add them to apple pie. These come in packages of 100mg of THC with 10 pieces that are 10mg each.

Coda Signature Chocolate Bars

These chocolate bars are so delicious, it’s hard to stop at one serving. Thanksgiving is a time to treat yourself, and Coda signature chocolates are the perfect way to enhance any treat. Their cacao is single sourced from family owned farms from South America. The chocolate bars come in a variety of flavors, so the possibilities are endless. You can temper the chocolate in a double boiler and add it to your chocolate cream pie recipe, or serve it over ice cream. Each chocolate bar packs 100mg of THC.

Coda Signature Hot Chocolate

Few things are better than hot chocolate on a cold day. Coda’s signature hot chocolate comes on a spoon and each single serving package dishes out 10mg of THC. Since it’s a single serving, it’s harder to add it to different dishes, but this perfect product can stand on its own.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

This time of year is a time to take stock of the that are worth celebrating. Cannabis has a way of bringing people together to share in the gratitude of friendship and this crazy beautiful thing called life. Spark up a joint and get ready for a fantastic holiday. From all of us at Buddy Boy Brands, we wish you a happy and safe Danksgiving with friends and family.



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