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Father’s Day 2018 Cannabis Gift Guide

06/13/2018 Culture & Entertainment

In case you haven’t realized, Father’s Day 2018 (June 17th) is quickly approaching. If you are just now figuring this out and the gift-finding panic has set in, don’t worry. At Buddy Boy Brands, we understand that life happens and everyone can be forgetful sometimes. We’re all human, right? That’s why we’ve compiled a few last minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

If you aren’t sure what to get the guy that has everything for Father’s Day this year, why not give him a throwback to his old high school and college days with a little cannabis? But forget just plain old flower. This year, introduce your dad to the modern world of legal marijuana with some of the coolest products on the market. Not only will he love the gesture, but he’ll be the coolest dad out of all his friends.

Father’s Day Ideas for A Cannabis Loving Dad

  • Willie’s Reserve Vaporizer Cartridge

If you weren’t the favorite child already, you are about to be with one of the best dad gifts of all time. Nothing quite says, “Dad, I totally get you now,” more than a vaporizer cartridge from Willie Nelson’s own cannabis line, Willie’s Reserve. Wille’s Reserve has done an amazing job of crafting tasty and high quality cannabis concentrates, flower, and edibles. Even without the connection to a legend of country music, these products would be worth your money.

Willie’s Reserve cartridges come in strain specific varieties of CO2 distillate so you know in advance what you are buying for your dad. With Willie’s Reserve, your dad will never have to worry about fillers, harmful additives, or cutting agents. Throw “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” on the speaker and help your dad how to take his new vape for a spin.

  • Julie’s Natural Edibles Roasted Seed Mix

Is your dad more of a granola and hiking kind of guy, uninterested in sugary edibles? That’s okay! As the cannabis industry continues to grow, there are more and more companies committed to making healthier alternatives to the sweet edibles we are all so used to. Julie’s Natural Edibles is one of those companies! Committed to providing healthy, organic, pesticide-free, GMO-free, and sugar-free edible options to the cannabis community is their mission and they truly deliver.

For the healthy dad, give him some of Julie’s Natural Roasted Seed Mix. Made with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, clarified butter, sea salt, and cannabis grown using organic techniques. Yes, that’s it. No hard to pronounce ingredients to see here! If your mom isn’t excited about your dad getting into edibles again, you might as well make them healthy, right? Plus, the whole pack is 10mg of THC total, so you don’t have to be worried that your dad will eat more than he can handle.

  • Keef Kola Root Beer

It is almost certain that your father didn’t have drinkable cannabis back in his day. This is a pretty modern development in the cannabis world and cannabis drinks have taken the legal market by storm. Keef Kola, one of the largest producers of cannabis beverages, make infused sodas that are fast acting and deliver a great high.

If your dad is the kind of guy that needs to take a break but never lets himself relax, a Keef Kola Bubba Kush Root Beer could be exactly what he needs. This soda is infused with a very Indica-dominant strain that would force even the most insane workaholic to take a mini vacation for the day. If you really want to show your dad you love him, give this soda to him with a pint of vanilla ice cream and make him a cannabis-infused root beer float. If there were Child of The Year Awards, you would automatically be placed in the finals with this Father’s Day gift.

  • Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze

The term “dad bod” is used often but let’s face it, there are many dads out there that are in way better shape than their kids. If your old man is one of those that can out bench and out run you, a cannabis topical like Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze will be the perfect gift for dad. Mary’s Medicinals would be great for even the most traditional of fathers, even those that aren’t into cannabis. Since topicals deliver fast pain relief and do not cause any sort of psychoactive effect, they are a weed gift that are appropriate for pretty much any parent.

Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze is one of the most popular cannabis topicals in Colorado, used by recreational buyers and medicinal patients alike. Using CBD and other plant extracts combined with a cooling creme helps the active ingredients seep deep into the skin and makes for a product more effective than many over-the-counter topical pain medicines. Even if your dad isn’t super active, odds are he could use some quick pain relief for his shoulders, back, and other problem areas.

  • Blue Kudu Canyon Lands Bar

If your dad has a sweet tooth like us, this sweet and savory chocolate bar by Blue Kudu will check all the right boxes! With the milk chocolate and roasted crunchy peanut butter, these taste exactly like a peanut butter cup but with the added bonus of 10mg of THC per piece. Are you salivating yet? We are!

If this will be your dad’s first time with new-age edibles, it is important to walk him through dosing. Each piece is 10mg, totaling 100mg per bar. The last thing you want is for your dad to fall victim to the classic edible horror story of eating too much because it tastes good and freaking out an hour later. To avoid this, give him this Blue Kudu Canyon Lands bar with a non-medicated chocolate treat so he can satiate his sweet tooth without getting too stoned.

Best Father’s Day wishes to your dad from the entire Buddy Boy Brands team!

Make this Father’s Day the best one yet with these father-friendly cannabis products. You can pick up any of these items at any of our many Buddy Boy Brands locations. Can’t choose just one gift for dad? Why not make him a fun Father’s Day weed gift basket! Then you will really be the new favorite child.



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