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Getting Started with Vaping Extracts

10/23/2017 All About Cannabis

Cannabis concentrates are a form of marijuana where the active cannabinoids are extracted to create a sticky substance. There are many benefits to using cannabis concentrates and the best way to take advantage of those benefits is by using a cannabis vaporizer.

Marijuana wax vaporizers are considered the best tool to use to get a clean high and to fully enjoy the calming, health-benefiting effects that makes marijuana so desirable. This list highlights some of the best vape pens with which to vape cannabis oils and waxes.

In this article, we will explore exactly how you can get started with THC concentrates and how to use them with a vape pen for wax.

Types of Concentrates

There are a few different forms of concentrates that you can use to vape with which are kief, hash, CO2 oil, and Butane Hash Oil (BHO).

Kief is a sand-like substance that is produced from the part of the cannabis flower known as the trichomes which carries the highest concentration of THC. When grinding weed, you can find a build-up of kief in the bottom-most chamber. Hash is essentially kief except that it is compressed together to form bricks.

CO2 oil can be compared to a honey-like texture and is composed to terpenes, where the marijuana gets its smell, and the trichomes like in kief and hash. This is perfect for use with vape pens. Lastly, you have butane hash oil which takes cannabinoids mixed with butane to great a wax-like substance. It can come as sticky or hardened which is referred to as shatter.

Benefits to Vaping Cannabis Concentrates

It should come as no surprise that vaping comes with a much reduced risk in terms of your health when using marijuana. This holds true with using cannabis concentrates as well. Some major benefits to vaping concentrates includes:

  • An overall better flavor
  • Higher levels of CBD and THC
  • More variety when vaping
  • Convenience
  • Ease of use

Pick Up Supplies

Before getting started with using a vape pen, you need to pick up some supplies. First, you would need to have your concentrates. The form that you need would depend on your preferences whether it is oil or wax.

Next, you will need your vaporizer. While vape pens and dab rigs are the preferred method of vaping with concentrates, there are a wide range of dry herb vaporizers that serve as a dual use vape – including the PAX 3. It is suggested that you find one that meets this requirement and one that you like the most.

The Pax 3 dual use vaporizer. Image courtesy of

Lastly, it would be wise to have some dab tools on hand including a dab mat. These simply make it easier to load your dry herb vaporizer with your concentrates and to prevent any spills that might happen.

Once you have everything you need, you are ready to vape!

Loading Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Loading your concentrates vaporizer with your cannabis extracts is super easy and simple. It is useful to note that you only need a small amount of concentrate as the stuff is very potent. Simply take your dab tool and measure the amount of concentrate that you want to use.

Next, load it into the chamber of your dry herb vape, being careful to avoid any air holes that the oven might have. If you use shatter, make sure to break it up while loading. Lastly, put your chamber back in, turn your vape on, set it to the desired temperature, and you are ready to vape!

Final Thoughts

Vaping cannabis concentrates has its added benefits and there are quite a few forms that you can use. To get started, be sure that you have what you need to thoroughly enjoy your vaping session and make sure that you know how to use your dry herb vaporizer. Most importantly, enjoy vaping with concentrates and the benefits they bring.

If you have questions about what to vape, how to vape or what is the best vaping apparatus, stop by one of the seven convenient Buddy Boy Denver locations and ask one of our expert budtenders.  Enjoy!



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