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How To Avoid Cannabis Munchies

03/21/2018 Health & Wellness

We talked about the science behind munchies in a previous blog post. And while the science is very interesting, it doesn’t exactly help us put down that extra piece of cake after we light up a joint.

Getting the munchies after ingesting cannabis is one of the most common shared experiences among cannabis consumers. It has led to a stereotype of stoners as lazy, snack-obsessed people who rarely make it off the couch. And while that stereotype is dramatized, we have all probably had at least one moment where the munchies took over and we ended up on autopilot eating our way through a bag of chips.

But that does not have to be our destiny! Yes, cannabis munchies are extremely common and can feel inevitable. But there are ways to conquer these cannabis-induced food cravings and make your smoke session a more positive one.

How To Not Get Marijuana Munchies

We’ve put together a list of ways to defeat those marijuana munchies. Because while recklessly eating every snack in the house can be fun at times, it isn’t exactly a sustainable or healthy way of life.

  • Eat a filling, healthy meal before using cannabis

As we discussed in our previous blog post “Weed and Food“, the munchies are a manifestation of a few different scientific processes. The chemicals found naturally in cannabis can cause our brain to send signals of hunger, even if we aren’t particularly hungry.

One way to battle this is to eat a filling and healthy meal before your next smoke session. Try to eat a meal with a complex carb like potato, quinoa, barley, or whole grain bread; a vegetable (leafy greens are an added bonus); and a lean protein like chicken breast, tofu, steak tips, or ground turkey. This combination of items can make for an extremely tasty, satisfying, and filling meal.

If you preempt your cannabis with a nice, healthy meal, you will be less likely to succumb to the false hunger signals or the sugar cravings.

  • Keep gum or mints on hand

Another thing we discussed in our previous post on cannabis munchies was an increased sensitivity to flavor when high. After we ingest a little marijuana, our sense of taste is heightened, which can often lead to us wanting to taste more things. But flavor cravings don’t have to be satiated with high calorie items.

Mentos, the Fresh Maker!

The truth of the munchies is that a simple mint or piece of gum could be all you need to keep those overactive taste buds occupied. When you smoke or ingest cannabis, keep mints or a pack of gum on hand. Anytime you feel a flavor craving boiling up, pop a piece in.

  • Take part in an activity while high

It may sound shockingly simple, but keeping your mind occupied on something else while you are high can help avoid the munchies. If you ingest cannabis and immediately post up on the couch, you are probably more likely to succumb to snacking than if you immediately go for a walk or play video games. Keep your hands and mind busy and they will both stay out of the chip bowl.

Use your high to do something fun. Head to the gym and get a quick workout in, take a hobby like cross stitching, get an adult coloring book, or turn on that PS4 and get your hands moving on those controllers. Keeping your brain and body distracted is an easy way to conquer the cannabis munchies.

  • Take note of strains that tend to give you munchies

Unfortunately, we have not yet arrived at a time where we know everything there is to know about cannabis and its intricacies. We generally know about THC, CBD, sativa, Indica, and hybrids. But we have yet to really understand the differences in each strain and what chemical compositions tend to induce specific side effects like sleepiness, dry mouth, and the munchies.

One day, the scientific world will truly have cannabis down to a science. Until then, each cannabis consumer has to pay close attention to the strains and products that work best for them. A strain that causes no munchies for one person could cause intense cravings for another. As you continue using cannabis, take note of strains that work for you.

Keep on ongoing list in your phone or a notebook with the strain or product name and how you felt after consuming. Did it cause you to snack more than usual? Did it cause manageable cravings? Did it make you too subdued to take part in activities? It is important to stick with the products that work best for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our budtenders for their personal experiences using the products at Buddy Boy Brands.

  • Use munchies as an excuse for healthy snacking

If all else fails and the munchies simply cannot be defeated in a battle, use them as a force for good. Stock your kitchen with healthy snacks, like fresh fruit, roasted vegetables, smoothie mixing materials, and grilled sources of protein. We know it may be hard to believe, but our taste buds will be just as satisfied with healthy flavors as they are with a double cheeseburger.

If you know that defeating the munchies is not going to be easy for you, keep your kitchen free of saturated fats and unwholesome snacking options. You can use cannabis-related cravings as a way to get some healthy foods into your daily diet. How’s that for glass half full?!

After all, the munchies …

Marijuana munchies can certainly be one of the hazards of using cannabis. But if eating a few more cookies is the worst side effect, cannabis is still doing pretty good. Follow these tips to help conquer the munchies. You’ll feel better if you do!

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