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How to Create the Perfect 420 Smoke Session

03/29/2018 All About Cannabis

How many Saturday nights have you spent racking up an expensive bar tab, getting sore feet from wearing heels all night, and creating a terrible hangover for yourself the next day?

Your friends at Buddy Boy Brands want to suggest a hangover-free alternative. A perfectly crafted smoke session at home can be the absolute best way to spend time with friends. Skip the long bar lines and yelling your conversation over loud music. Say goodbye to wasted Sundays nursing your hangover!

Want to create the perfect 420-friendly night in? We’re breaking down the five most important tips for hosting a smoke session at home.

A Stoner’s Guide To The Perfect 420 Smoke Session

Step 1: Choose great cannabis products to share.

A great smoke session starts with great pot. Pre-roll joints are a common option for smoke sessions because they are easily passed around. But another fun option is grabbing a couple grams of different strains and creating weed flights. Just like a flight of beer at a brewery, you and your guests can each try a bit of a few different product options. Ask your friends to bring their own glass piece!

Here’s a list of some unique strains offered at Buddy Boy Brands that will pair well in a flight together.0

This sativa dominant hybrid is a great way to start the flight. It will ease stress and melt away any anxieties from the past week. Wynkoop Kush creates a euphoric high that will put you and your guests in a great mood for the rest of the night.

This beautiful strain produces colorful nugs that are covered in trichomes. Twisted Purple is a stunner to look at and will steal the show of any weed flight. This is an Indica dominant hybrid that will result in a serious body high.

A yummy strain, Strawberry Lemonade packs a flavorful citrus taste. It is a strong sativa that will energize you after Twisted Purple’s body high kicks in. If you have any new cannabis consumers at your smoke session, make sure they start with a small serving. This strain can create anxiety if too much is consumed.

Step 3: Prep the ultimate snack spread

You don’t want to get caught without the right snacks when the munchies set in. A perfect snack spread is a mix of sweet, salty, healthy, and junk foods. And don’t forget to have some fun drink options on deck to battle any cotton mouth that may arise.

Asking each friend to bring their favorite stoned snack is a fun way to split the cost of the snacks and learn something new about your friends!

Here’s a biased list of some of the best smoke session snacks:

  1. Sliced bell pepper, carrots, and celery with hummus
  2. Cubed cheese and buttery crackers
  3. Homemade pizza bagels bar with tons of toppings
  4. Tropical Skittles
  5. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
  6. Sparkling lemonade and Kombucha

Step 3: Craft the perfect playlist

Music can make or break a smoke session. If the pressure of picking out hours worth of great music is overwhelming, utilize all the amazing curated playlists that are already out there! On Spotify, try playlists like Hit Rewind, 90s Smash Hits, and Young & Free. On Soundcloud, find long mixes by artists Tim Gunter for over an hour of perfectly mixed songs.

If you don’t have a good speaker, put your phone speaker-side down in a glass cup. You’ll be surprised by how much this simple act can amplify the sound.

Step 4: Don’t forget the candles!

Candles are the unsung hero of smoke sessions. Cannabis heightens your senses, including smell. Keep your sense of smell invigorated with a mix of deliciously scented candles. For the best and cheapest candle selection, head to a discount shop like TJ Maxx or Homegoods. They have a huge selection of name brand candles for half the price.

Stock up and place a couple candles throughout your house or apartment, including the bathroom!

Step 5: Invite a good tribe

A smoke session is only as good as the company you share it with, so make sure you have a great guest list. Invite the friends that make you feel most accepted. Having judgmental people in the mix can make the whole group feel uncomfortable while high and can be a serious buzz kill.

And of course, be sure every guest is over 21 years old and is legally able to consume. If you have any cannabis newcomers, make sure you take extra time to explain the basics like proper bong etiquette (never char the whole bowl), passing etiquette (always pass to the left), and dosing protocol (start slow). Helping them through their first big smoke session can set them up for success with cannabis in the future!

Consume and session responsibly

You don’t have to spend every weekend drinking alcohol, nursing hangovers, and waiting in long lines just to pay an overpriced cover charge. With these tips, you can host the best 420 smoke session at home. After this, you and your friends will wonder why you ever bothered to go out!

If you need any help picking the perfect products for your smoke session, head to your closest  Buddy Boy location. We will help you pick the perfect spread for your night in!



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