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Island Sweet Skunk Strain - Lovely Flowers

10/24/2019 MJ Products & Strains

If you’ve done any amount of dispensary shopping in Denver, then chances are fairly high that you’ve come across the strain Island Sweet Skunk. Its sweet, yet enticingly funky aroma is a balance of tropical fruit and heavy skunk odor. When smelled, this strain is bound to incite a reaction whether the reaction is a dream of a reality where you could live in the jar along with the sweet juicy buds, or a nightmarish flashback of when your dog had an all too real encounter with a live skunk that stunk up your house for days.

Regardless of what camp you’re in, Island Sweet Skunk has well earned its place among the ranks of the most well loved strains in rotation for its creative, uplifting, and euphoric high. However popular this particular variety, there is more to this strain than people think.

Buckle up, weed nerds and get ready to learn some mind blowing facts about this well loved strain! 


The unique flavor of Island Sweet Skunk

Let’s talk about aromatics for a second. Terpenes are the oils in cannabis that provide its flavor and aroma. They also change the way THC works in our bodies. Have you ever noticed that Indica strains often have a much heavier and more musky scent than sativa strains which tend to smell more light and fruity? This is because terpenes are the reason why sativa strains are uplifting and Indica strains are more sedative. The real beauty of terpenes is how they interact with our receptors.

As we mentioned before, the aroma is bound to incite a reaction whether it’s good or bad. It turns out that this reaction is crucial to how we will enjoy the effects of a particular strain. When you smell a strain of cannabis, Island Sweet Skunk for instance, and you get a little happier or perhaps you just can’t fight the urge to go back for another whiff, your body is telling you that you’re going to enjoy what you’re smelling. On the other hand, if the smell makes you recoil in disgust, and the thought of ever smelling it again makes you unhappy, that is your body telling you that it doesn’t want any of that strain.

The same can be said for food. When you go to eat or drink something that doesn’t smell right, your first instinct is to push it away. This is our first defense against poison. What does this have to do with Island Sweet Skunk, you ask. This strain rides the balance of light and fruity and heavy and, well, skunky. The fruit profile is thanks to the terpene B-myrcene which is also found in mangos and limonene found in citrus. Pinene (found in pine needles) and beta caryophyllene (also found in black peppers) are responsible for the more “skunk” type notes. The cool part about Island Sweet Skunk is that it has such a graceful balance of such drastically contrasting flavor profiles. 


Where did “skunk weed” come from?

Cannabis strains, just like all people, have parents. Unfortunately, the prohibition of cannabis has made it difficult to accurately trace the genetics of many strains that we know and love today. That being said, the idea of “skunk” weed is nothing new or mysterious, but we can trace it back to its conception. We’ve all asked ourselves at one point, “Is that a skunk, or is someone burning one?”. However, many are unaware of how skunk became such an important part of modern day cannabis.

This story began as many other great stories have, in California during the 1970s. A man by the name of David Watson created what would be the world’s first hybrid commercial strain of cannabis. He knew that there was more to cannabis than THC. Watson was ahead of his time for thinking that one could breed cannabis for unique flavor profiles and that those flavors meant something. The making of history would have to be briefly postponed as Watson was unfortunately arrested for the cultivation of marijuana shortly thereafter. He didn’t let his legal troubles keep him from his passion.

When he was released in the 80s, he made a strategic decision to move to the Netherlands and took his library of genetics with him. It is there that Watson became known as Sam the Skunk Man and took over the cannabis world in Amsterdam. Sam dialed in his masterpiece that is Skunk #1 and was found to be victorious at the 1988 Cannabis Cup. Skunk #1 quickly gained popularity in Europe and was then bred with other strains, some of which are still widely popular such as Lemon Skunk, Jack Herer, U.K. Cheese, and, of course, Island Sweet Skunk.

While the other parent strain to Island Sweet Skunk is unknown to the general public, it’s fair to guess that it is a fruity uplifting sativa with a high that greatly contrasts that of Skunk #1. 


How to Enjoy Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is the product of history and meticulous cultivation. Some may call this strain the quintessential “Colorado” strain. Its uplifting and creative high is perfect for hiking, hitting the slopes, dog park adventures, squirt gun fights, and legendary air guitar competitions. Many people look to this strain because it is famous for its lack of appetite stimulation. Whatever your desired activities for indulging in this delightful cannabis variety, you can find it at any of our 7 Buddy Boy Brands locations.

As always, please consume responsibly and enjoy!




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BEST DISPENSARY EVER. Everyone is nice and treats me well they even corrected something for me that was wrong 2days before hand. Good management and staff 10/10 recommended

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Great shop….great attitudes….loved the selection of strands and different edibles they have. Will be back!

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