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Life Hacks For Cannabis Consumers

08/9/2018 Culture & Entertainment

If you have been a cannabis consumer for a while now, chances are you have experienced one of the following scenarios:

  • You’re rolling a joint and drop all of the ground up bud onto the floor before you seal the join shut.
  • Even though it feels like you just bought a dozen lighters, you still can’t find one.
  • You’ve snagged a perfect spot at the park with friends on a lazy afternoon, then realize you have nothing to roll a joint with.

There is a nearly endless list of annoyances that can happen when you are smoking weed. But there are also tons of life hacks every cannabis consumer should know that can help with these situations!

Life Hacks Every Cannabis Consumer Needs to Know

  • When you forget your grinder…

There may be some old school people that disagree, but ground cannabis does make for a more even smoke. Breaking down cannabis with your hands can actually make cannabis less potent by transferring the powerful frosty trichomes on the bud to your fingers. But what if you lost, forgot, or just don’t own a grinder?


If you can find these two common things, you can make your own homemade grinder! All you need is a binder and a penny (or a nickel, dime, or other small coin). Yes, that is really all you need! It may sound too good to be true, but you just need to try this method once to be convinced otherwise. Simply put the coin at the bottom of the pill jar with the cannabis buds on top. Shake vigorously until the weed is finely ground!


  • When your joint is burning too fast…

Oh joints, they never seem to stick around long enough! Even the best rolled joint might burn too fast for your liking. And sometimes a joint burns uneven, one side burning much faster than the other. Cannabis smokers call this phenomenon “canoeing” and it happens when different areas of the joint are packed at different densities.

Either of these joint scenarios can be very annoying. But there’s an easy and natural fix that also happens to be pretty tasty! All you need is a tiny bit of honey or agave syrup to remedy a joint that is burning too fast or uneven. Put a small dot of honey or agave on a plate and use your finger to smooth a very small layer over the entire outside of the joint, up to the filter. The sticky substance will not only help the joint burn slower, it is pretty tasty too! Just be sure to spread the syrup evenly.


  • When you drop bud on the carpet…

The dreaded scenario. You just picked up some top shelf flower from Buddy Boy Brands. You open the jar and walk away from the coffee table for one second and your dog walks by and swats the jar onto the rug. Or maybe you’re fumbling with the childproof packaging and, boom, frosty buds are sent haphazardly into the carpet fibers. Typically, you’d try to get as much as you can off the ground with your hands. But no matter how hard you try, there’s no way you’re going to get all your weed back with that method.

Has this ever happened to you? Spilled ground-up marijuana – – so annoying!

Prepare yourself for an incredibly practical life hack that also doubles as a pretty good party trick. After you (or your dog) has done the dirty deed of dropping cannabis all over the floor, all you need to put the universe back together is a handheld vacuum, a sock or stockings, and a rubber band. Put the sock or stocking over the nozzle of the vacuum and secure it with a rubber band. Turn the vacuum on and, voila! The cannabis will clean right up. It may have some carpet debris mixed in, but you will save way more with this method than using your hands.

  • When you need a good rolling surface outside…

Have you ever enjoyed the company of friends at a beautiful scenic spot during a summer day, tossing frisbee and realize the only thing that could make it better is a toke from a hand rolled joint? We have definitely been there! The difficulty of rolling a joint outside is not having a flat rolling surface to work on.

Turns out, frisbees are actually an ideal rolling tray for any occasion…indoor or out! Turning a frisbee upside down in your lap transforms it into a semi-flat rolling tray with barriers to keep your weed safe should any fall out of the joint. Who knew these flying toys could be so versatile?

Frisbees – fun, great exercise and awesome for rolling joints!


  • When you need to clean your bowl or bong…

Nothing is grosser than taking a hit out a resin filled, dirty watered bong or bowl. Not only does resin taste people gross, but it can make hits harder on your lungs and will eventually clog the piece. Keeping a regular cleaning schedule for your glass pieces is a must. There are plenty of companies that make specialized bong or pipe cleaners, boasting super powerful cleaning strength to battle even the worst residue calcifications.

But the truth is, you don’t actually need fancy cleaners or super harsh chemicals to restore that shiny newness to your glass. You can make a homemade version with two ingredients you probably already have: rubbing alcohol and salt. Pour in enough alcohol to fully submerge your piece and a large handful of salt into a resealable plastic bag or bucket. Let the glass piece sit in this solution for hours, until the resin pours right out.

  • When you keep losing lighters…

Would anyone be surprised if one day we found out lighters can sprout legs and walk away? Frankly, we think that is a better explanation than admitting our friends are lighter thieves (or that we are terrible at keeping up with our belongings). Lighters are pretty cheap, but continually losing them can start to add up. But most of all, not having a lighter when you need one is just so annoying.

To avoid this annoyance, here is the easiest fix on this list. Attach a magnet to your bong or under your coffee table! You can attach a small magnet using a removable adhesive that won’t damage the bong or the furniture.  But just remember, in order for this trick to work you have to remember to reattach the lighter to the magnet!

Got more tips?

Please let us know!  Comment below or connect with us on social media to share.  And as always stop by one of our seven Denver metro locations to chat with one of our awesome budtenders!  Happy partaking!



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