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Marijuana and Paranoia - No Need to Worry

01/18/2022 Health & Wellness

There are as many reasons to use marijuana as there are people, and everyone has their own expectations and hopes. Some use marijuana to relax and connect with friends. There are those who want to chase the intense rush of sensations they felt the first time they used marijuana. Others want to pursue a deeper, more creative connection with themselves — and some just want to have fun and feel good!

All these desires are legitimate, whether it’s an escape or a consolation, a renewal or just a break. But, unfortunately, you might not even know what your hopes are until after they’ve been met or dashed. It’s good to expect the unexpected when you are using marijuana. Your feelings should be your guide. There can certainly be a wild mix: intense happiness, creativity, or gratitude. You might feel like no time has passed, or you could be ravenous and energized. Many have reported that all their senses are operating at heightened levels.

Marijuana and paranoid – one feeling to avoid

Among a dizzying array of options for how you might feel while you use marijuana, there’s one you want to avoid: paranoia. Paranoia is characterized by its irrationality. You might feel suspicious of everyone, seeing sinister motives everywhere you look. You could suspect your friends are spying on you, have bad intentions, or that they’re making fun of you. Whether the suspicions are serious or relatively whimsical, paranoia is a well of unpleasant emotions.

Each of us has specific things about which we’re particularly sensitive, and typically those sensitivities can provide the source of paranoias. For example, a remembrance of unfortunate events from ages ago could be the catalyst, or maybe you see someone frowning across the room. Paranoia can take your usual insecurities and make them more prominent – since marijuana increases awareness. When paranoid feelings sneak up on you, it can be disappointing, especially since you expected a positive experience!

Worry Not

Feelings of paranoia while using marijuana are totally normal. So, the first thing to remember is to try not to worry. Try to be patient and remind yourself that you can make it through this bad feeling. Instead of flailing around with internet searches or trying to justify your feelings to the people you’re with, turn your attention inward.

Remember that you are your own best friend and possess a powerful mind. Bring positive messages to yourself. Patience in the face of paranoia is the master move. Slow things down and resist putting pressure on yourself. Add a little time to the equation, and you’ll feel your old self soon.

Prepare Yourself for Your Next Marijuana Experience

Learning about the endocannabinoid system is a significant foundational step to having better experiences with marijuana. The endocannabinoid system is one of the ways our bodies work to keep anxiety levels down by sending messages of calm to our brains. When we ingest marijuana, it imitates the actions of the endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids found in marijuana are plant-based. They produce relaxing sensations that help us let go of pain and anxiety.

But sometimes, it’s the opposite, unfortunately. When your marijuana has higher levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), feelings of paranoia can surface. The psychoactive properties of marijuana are found in THC, which usually produces feelings of relaxation in small doses.

Researchers are still trying to find out why using larger doses of THC (which would seemingly INCREASE relaxation) can do the opposite.

Causes of Greater Susceptibility to Paranoia

  • Being New to Marijuana 

You don’t know what to expect when you’re just starting out, and your reactions could be heightened. Once you become more familiar with using marijuana, the higher your comfort level and the lower the risk of paranoia.

  • Emotional Climate

People who worry a lot, whose thoughts tend toward the negative, or who think poorly of themselves are more likely to feel paranoid while using marijuana. Stress can increase feelings of negativity.

  • Genetics

The makeup of our brains is the result of genetics. Research has found that some brains are structured with more positive opioid receptors at the front. People with higher THC sensitivity at the back of the brain are more likely to experience anxiety and paranoia when using marijuana. There’s no way to alter your brain’s architecture. However, learning how your unique brain reacts will be valuable information as you’re on this journey.

The DOs and DON’Ts Wen Feeling Paranoid with Marijuana

It’s a good idea to avoid any media or reading that could fuel any feelings of paranoia. For example, during your marijuana sessions, you shouldn’t pick up the latest Stephen King novel. Try not to watch any car crash videos on YouTube! Stick to the cute, cuddly kittens!

The same goes for the company you keep. Try to wait to visit with the friend who can’t stop talking about their intense worries or nightmares. Avoid stressful topics as much as possible. A better approach would be to find places or people that are calming. Taking a walk outside, meditating, or listening to calm music are excellent ideas. Aromatherapy with calming essential oils could help. Think about activities that can gently involve your senses. Heated or weighted blankets are also possible tools to help channel your senses in a calming direction.


The more you can give yourself positive thoughts, ideas, and images, the better. Keeping in mind that you have control over the contents of your thoughts will increase your chances of steering away from paranoia.

Planning is Key

A friendly budtender at your nearest Buddy Boy Brands dispensary can provide the guidance you need to develop a good plan and find the products most suited to fulfill it. Those new to marijuana use are advised to go slow as you learn how your body and mind react. Micro-dosing is an excellent approach when you’re first starting out. Explore intake methods known for having slower impacts, such as edibles and vaping. This will help lessen the chances of paranoia sneaking in.

Having a good plan in place, tailored to your individual physiology and needs, will help your experience be a positive one!


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Marijuana and Paranoia - No Need to Worry

Health & Wellness

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