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Marijuana Education & Careers: an Overview

11/22/2021 Culture & Entertainment

Though marijuana is still on the schedule one (geez-louise already, federal government!) list of narcotics, there are still formal education opportunities in weed learning available. OK, so it’s not like getting a degree in plant, animal or human sciences where the studies are deep, wide and specific, we are still seeing more and more degree and education programs coming available from different institutions across the country and globe.

Marijuana education questions

If you’re thinking of getting a more-formal education centered around marijuana, there are only a few things to consider. For example …

  • do you want to get an actual degree or will a certificate of study suffice for your weed-centered career plans?
  • Do you want your education online or in-person?
  • And if in-person, do you want your education from a traditional university or college, or will an independent program work for you?

Then there’s the all-important decision:  the discipline of study.

  • Do you want to get a four-year science degree for an advanced career in areas like research and development, wide-scale growing and operations or enterprise business?
  • Or smaller-scale studies like knowledge with strains, smaller-scale growing and dispensary operations.

More about marijuana education to come

As the first part of our new on-going series on marijuana education and careers, we have gathered the names of some well-known schools that offer two- and four-year degrees in marijuana-specific disciplines. And it’s no surprise that a Colorado school is number one on the list!

Colorado State University, Pueblo

According to the CSU, Pueblo’s website, “The Bachelor of Science in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry provides students an understanding of basic chemical and biological principles that can be applied to the emerging field of cannabis science.” Being in Colorado and undoubtedly having some of the best growers, researchers and subject-experts in the world nearby makes this school an excellent one to consider. Go Colorado weed!

Bright and sunny day on the campus of Colorado State University at Pueblo. Image cnn.com

The degree is an excellent foundation for anyone seeking a career in wider-scale operations and research in the field of cannabis. This degree will surely include some of the more advanced food and plant growing technologies such as greenhouse, vertical and cutting-edge sciences from around the world.

Minot State University, North Dakota

MSU in North Dakota offers a two-year Medicinal Plant Chemistry focus to their traditional bachelor’s of science degree, being one of only two in the nation to offer such a focus. The program of study’s emphasis is “on the extraction, separation, and analysis of compounds and chemicals” from a variety of plants including hops, botanical supplements and cannabis.

Minot State University campus. Image stateuniversity.com

This focused study would be ideal for anyone interested in wide-scale grow operations and new marijuana product development. As the marijuana community learns more and more about new components of marijuana and the medicinal benefits from them, knowledge into isolation and extraction methods will be needed more and more.

St. Louis University

SLU offers a certificate in Cannabis Science and Operations that is a general overview of the most important areas in local grow operations, dispensary management, sales and marketing, edible development and other fields in more localized marijuana business. As their website says, SLU’s Cannabis Science and Operations certificate seeks to educate students to be quality employees for the marijuana industry that is expected to exceed $150 billions in business by 2025.

St. Louis University campus. Image slu.edu

This program is perfect for anyone wanting to work in dispensary operations and management. The program also includes course work in compliance and corporate responsibility to the community and environment. It’s great to see that learning institutions are including this in the curriculum; it goes hand-in-hand with the progressive nature of weed in general.

Northern Michigan University, Marquette MI

NMU offers a four-year degree in Medical Plant Chemistry claims to be “the first 4-year undergraduate degree program of its kind designed to prepare students for success in the emerging industries relating to medicinal plant production, analysis, and distribution.” With extensive course and lab work, this bachelor degree seems best suited for those interested in larger-scale research, development and technologies for large grow and production operations.

Study Medical Plant Chemistry at NMU at Marquette, MI. Image nmu.edu

Lake Superior State University, MI

Another Michigan school is offering a Cannabis Chemistry degree as either an associate or bachelor degree. Lauded as the first school to offer a four-year degree of its kind (gee, it seems most schools could say “of its kind”, but we regress), this degree combines the best of their chemistry department and the latest in cannabis education, research and application.

Aerial view of Lake Superior State University in Marquette, MI. Image lssu.edu

Program objectives include building a foundation in cannabis chemistry, teaching students isolation and extraction methods in order to prepare students for careers in what they call “emerging cannabis markets of law enforcement laboratory scientists, public health and safety [and] regulatory management”. With this comprehensive list, it seems that Lake Superior has its finger on the pulse of all-things new and cutting edge with cannabis.

When you don’t need an advance education

All of these programs are no doubt utilizing the latest and greatest in the field of cannabis research and application, but not all jobs in marijuana require such extensive training and learning. A passion for marijuana and its health benefits for others is the key ingredient for working at a dispensary. Here at Buddy Boy Brand we are always looking for those passionate people to join our team.

Take a look at the career opportunities here!

Regardless of your career aspirations, there’s no question that medical cannabis is a hot field to be in. And it’s not just a trend that will make its mark then fade away. Wellness marijuana is here to stay and we couldn’t be more thrilled it is!



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