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Marijuana Education & Careers: Job in MJ

01/26/2022 Culture & Entertainment

Do you love cannabis so much that you’re thinking of a career in the marijuana industry? Or does the idea of working in this field that is bringing so much relief to people around the country? Or maybe you’re looking for a stable job in a stable and growing industry? A job in the exploding marijuana industry just might be the right career path for you.

With the growing number of states legalizing medical and recreational weed, more and more jobs and career opportunities are becoming available. Not only the number of obvious careers, like grower or budtender – but also with the growing number of dispensaries and government regulation, there is an expanding need for the systems, technologies and support entities as well.

This means it’s good news for just about anyone, because no matter your career background, education or future plans, there’s likely something for you in the weed business. Though most job require applicants to be at least 18 years (sometimes 21 years) of age.

Check out our post on Marijuana Education to learn
more about training and degrees in weed!


Awesome jobs in marijuana that are in-demand today

  • Budtender

If you like talking about marijuana, especially the medical and health benefits, and are a people-person – budtending is a great opportunity. Budtenders are usually ‘the face’ of the dispensary and are there to answer questions, recommend products and be the general go-to resource for all-things marijuana. This is especially true for new marijuana patients who may know nothing about marijuana, how to use it or what product or ratio might be good for them.

Though budtenders usually don’t rake in the dough, they usually do get discounts from their dispensary employer and some even have tip jars (cash is always great!). Budtenders are usually behind the counter, doing retail activities so they are usually on their feet all day. But for weed-loving, friendly, cannabis-knowing people this is a career you might want to consider.

Budtenders can make $11 – $15/hour, depending on the level of experience and the dispensary.

  • Harvester

Within the sphere of growing and cultivation, is harvesting. This phase in the delivery of marijuana products includes several jobs, including: growing, trimming and packaging. Most of the positions here are entry-level (except for the higher level positions like master grower or grow operation management). There is a lot of work to be done in this area but usually there’s little to no experience required and it provides an on-the-job training that can prepare you for higher positions within the cultivation process.

Keep in mind, though, that more and more marijuana manufactures are turning to future farming techniques that include technology-driven processes in the growing process (like software to control the amount of nutrients, water or light given to plants, or maintain ph-levels). These types of grow operations could require prior knowledge or education in these new farming techniques.

Entry-level positions in harvesting can pay between $11 – $14/hour.

  • Director of Cultivation

Heading the entire harvesting cultivation operations would be the director of cultivation position. The title might vary between grow operation to grow operation but the responsibilities and requirements are generally the same. This is where a degree or specific training would come in handy, unless you climbed the ranks from an entry-level position. This is not only because of the job itself, but depending on the state there could be regulatory requirements for the grow operation to have a certain level of experience and/or education with the head of cultivation.

Having experience in agri-business, commercial horticulture or agronomic production and a degree in a relevant field (economics, botany or business administration) are what some grow operators are asking for. The good news is that this experience and education can usually be non-marijuana related.

Directors of cultivation can make between $36K – $55K per year, depending on the state and size of grow operation. Suffice it to say that states like Colorado, California and Oregon would likely pay the most.

  • Compliance

Colorado is fortunate that our marijuana laws are pretty straight-forward; they changed over the years but it’s been easier in this state for dispensaries to comply with the changing rules – much easier than in some states. Marijuana compliance can be a myriad of detailed, granular or nuanced changes from the size of the THC stickers, to seed-to-sale traceability, to labels for ingredients and standard for growing, packing and manufacturing. And these changes are not only unique to each state, but can also be unique from city to city.

It’s therefore increasingly more important for growers, manufacturers, brands and dispensary chains to have a dedicated person and/or department to keep their finger on the pulse of these changes. In some states, failure to comply can result in fines or worse, meaning lost revenue and customer/patients.

If keeping tabs on current events, especially on the local legislative level, is your thing and you’re detail-oriented with excellent communication skills, a job in compliance might be a great career for you. Experience in the field is a bonus and in some cases, a requirement – but specific education or degree is generally not.

Depending on the size of the marijuana business, compliance officers can make between $45K – $100K or more per year.

  • Careers in software

Powering everything from automated grow processes to seed-to-sale tracking to retail and online webshops, careers in software to support the marijuana industry are exploding. And these jobs are no longer ‘mom and pop’, small software companies but some are even start-ups that are raising hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital. If you’re a developer and love marijuana, check out jobs in marijuana software!

Not only development, but software careers could also include project managers, business analysts, UX designers, product management and other supporting jobs.

For salary information, check out, or any other job posting website.

The future looks bright!

The outlook for all businesses that are related to marijuana is extremely bright. Not only are more and more states approving medical and recreational marijuana, but the outlook on the federal level is also bright (albeit extremely slow and somewhat distracted at the time of this post’s writing with the COVID-19 pandemic), with decriminalization on the horizon.

And let’s face it, marijuana is pretty much recession, economic-decline or trend-proof. This means no matter what’s going on in the world, people will always need and want weed, making careers in MRB’s a stable career choice.

For careers with Buddy Boy Brands stop by one of our Denver locations or check our job postings here.

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