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How to Microdose Cannabis


It is no secret that the cannabis sold in today’s legal market is bred for the highest potency possible. And that makes complete sense since high potency products are what the huge majority of cannabis consumers are shopping for these days. At Buddy Boy Brands, we love these products too; that’s why we stock our shelves with the very best of them. Sometimes a situation calls for a high dose of powerful cannabis to help manage a medical condition, ease anxiety, or to simply take a load off after a long day.

But there are also plenty of situations where a full dose of cannabis may not be necessary (and may even be unproductive). While high potency has been the most important characteristic historically, there’s a growing demand for products with less of a punch. The idea of microdosing substances is far from new, but microdosing cannabis has recently started gaining popularity. As the industry continues to advance, consumers are expecting more and more product options to fit every type of mood and dose level.

So, what exactly is microdosing and what are the benefits of ingesting cannabis this way?


Cannabis Microdosing 101

A microdose is exactly what it sounds like, using a very small amount of a substance rather than a “full dose”. The idea of microdosing comes from the medical world. Doctors always dose medicines according to the minimum effective dose, or the least amount that can be used and still achieve effective results.

There is no exact measurement for a microdose of cannabis. A proper dose of cannabis, in general, is totally up to the individual’s tolerance and need. Generally speaking, a microdose of cannabis falls somewhere between 2.5mg to 10mg.

To put that into context, recreational cannabis edibles in Colorado are required by law to be dosed in 10mg pieces. One bowl of a high-quality cannabis strain will register around 18mg of THC, while a single gram joint will have around 90mg of THC.

If you have an incredibly high tolerance for cannabis then 10mg may be a microdose to you. But for the casual consumer, 10mg is probably more than enough for a full dose and a microdose will likely fall around 3mg.


How To Microdose Cannabis 

The proper dose of cannabis is something most often discovered through experimentation. Each person is different and their reaction to cannabis is unique as well.

In order to identify a proper microdose, it is a good idea to completely abstain from cannabis for 24 hours. Tolerance to cannabis is built up very quickly, but it dissipates at a similarly fast rate. Taking a single day away from ingesting cannabis will help reset your body and tolerance, making it easier to identify a proper dose.

When it comes to microdosing, there are certain consumption methods that are easier than others. When smoking a joint or vaping, it’s harder to measure exactly how much you’re ingesting. If you do go with an inhaled method, simply breathe in less of the product. When using concentrates, try heating to a lower temperature as well.

It is a bit easier to microdose things like edibles or tinctures because you can physically portion out a very small bit of product. As mentioned, edibles in Colorado are divided into 10mg doses, so you could divide one piece into three for an average-sized microdose. For tinctures, it’s as simple as taking one drop instead of a full dropper’s worth.  

Take your time to discover the proper dose and the consumption method you like microdosing best using. While it’s not for everyone, you may be surprised how much you enjoy the effects of a very small dose intermittently throughout the day.


Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis 

Unfortunately, there are some days and circumstances in life that simply don’t allow you to be under the influence of a high dose of cannabis. But for many people, cannabis is what helps them focus, deal with chronic pain, anxiety, boost their motivation, and other health issues. On days when being high just won’t fly, taking very small doses throughout the day is an option that can provide relief without the psychoactive side effects. Not being “high” is one of the most obvious benefits of microdosing.

This is something that is also particularly appealing to those who might be interested in the benefits of cannabis as a whole, not just CBD, but are nervous about the side effects of cannabinoids like THC.

Another benefit that may seem obvious in hindsight, but isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about microdosing cannabis, is the amount of money you have the potential to save. Even if you take multiple small doses throughout the day, you’re still likely to ingest less product total. That tincture bottle may last you twice as long now and a joint will last you all day instead of just one sitting!

So, microdosing cannabis means you can get the benefits without the high and save money? There is only winning in that scenario!

We love high potency and high dose smoke sessions as much as you do, but microdosing is a practical way that many people enjoy consuming cannabis. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

If you’re interested in microdosing cannabis, stop into Buddy Boy Brands and talk with one of our budtenders. They can help you pick products that are easily microdosed and answer any questions you have!

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