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12/28/2017 MJ Products & Strains

The medical benefits of cannabis have been talked about more than ever in the last few years, with more research being done to prove its efficacy happening all over the world. More than half of the states in our country have passed some form of medical marijuana law, allowing patients with certain conditions legal access to cannabis products.

Some of the most widely talked about applications for cannabis are chronic pain, cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, and sleep disorders. We all probably have a friend that has used marijuana edibles or products to ease the symptoms of one of the conditions just listed. And it’s for good reason–there is a growing body of evidence showing cannabis can be an effective treatment against these conditions and so many more.

Cannabis Uses You May Have Missed

When it comes to chronic pain, states with robust medical marijuana programs saw a 23% decrease in opioid-related overdoses, many as a result of prescription painkillers. When it comes to cancer, even the National Cancer Institute admits that cannabis shows promise in reducing tumor growth.

But, there are a few lesser known cannabis applications that don’t get as much time in the spotlight. In this article, we will outline a few of these lesser known applications, and some of the products we carry in Buddy Boy Brands for these applications.

Cannabis For Skin Care

Researchers from the University of Colorado School of Medicine reviewed the more than one dozen studies done on cannabis and dermatology.  They concluded that cannabis can help with a host of skin issues, including psoriasis, eczema, and allergic dermatitis. All of these conditions come with painfully inflamed and itchy skin and can be a serious hindrance in leading a normal life. Luckily, cannabis is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce inflammation and itching associated with these skin disorders. It can also be effective against the more common skin irritants, like bug bites, sunburns and acne.

If you want a cannabis cream that you can use daily, try Apothecanna’s Everyday Body Creme. It’s infused with cannabis, mandarin, geranium, and cedar to give you a perfectly subtle but unique scent. This body crème will help keep your skin hydrated and help repair damage.

Cannabis To Enhance Sexual Arousal

A study by Stanford School of Medicine and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine looked at over 1,000 survey responses. Respondents noted how much cannabis they consumed and how much sex they had. The researchers found a dose-dependent relationship when it comes to cannabis and sex: the more cannabis consumption reported, the more sex reported. Cannabis consumers reported, on average, 20% more sex than non-consumers.

While this study does not prove a causal link between cannabis and sex, it is plausible to think cannabis may take at least some of the responsibility. Cannabis can increase blood flow, including blood flow to erogenous zones which can result in heightened arousal and sexual pleasure.

Ladies out there interested in experimenting with cannabis and sex, try Foria’s Pleasure for women. This all natural, cannabis infused oil is meant to increase female sexual pleasure. Apply it 15-20 minutes before sex for best results.

Cannabis To Aid In Athletic Recovery

We’ve all heard the stereotype of stoners as lazy, unmotivated, and prone to snacking on junk food. But nothing could be further from the truth. Athletes, now more than ever, are beginning to talk about cannabis as a necessary recovery tool for their sore joints and achy muscles. Some even talk about cannabis as an ideal pre-workout to keep you calm and focused during athletic activity.

As mentioned before, cannabis has extremely effective anti-inflammatory properties. After a long day at practice or the gym, it’s crucial to go through the right recovery process for your body. Using cannabis products during your recovery practice can be a super effective way of releasing those tight muscles and easing joint pain throughout the entire body.

If you want to try adding cannabis topicals to your post-workout regimen, try Dixie Therapuetic Bath Soak. The THC used to infuse this bath soak is CO2 extracted, and combined with rosemary and cedar wood. This combination relieves muscle tension and soreness quickly and effectively.

Cannabis To Help with Weight Regulation

Despite the continued portrayal of stoners as lazy and constantly looking for the next munchie, evidence shows that cannabis consumers are actually thinner with higher levels of HDL, or good cholesterol, and better insulin levels. Although researchers in this study did not look into why, they did suggest that marijuana can improve insulin control and regulate body weight. Both of these could explain why cannabis users have a lower incidence of diabetes than the rest of the population.

Specific strains, like high CBD or THCV strains, can actually act as appetite suppressants. It won’t be a magic diet supplement that helps you lose 50 pounds in a year, but it could help with more subtle results. If you want to try cannabis as a means of weight control, try one of our high CBD tinctures like our Harlequin Tincture. Or if your preferred consumption method is smoking or vaping, ask a budtender at your local Buddy Boy location for high CBD strains.



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