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Pot and Sex: Your Questions Answered

02/4/2018 Uncategorized


For about 3,000 years, cannabis has been considered an aphrodisiac in cultures all around the world. There are plenty of cannabis brands that have bet on this proposition, making topicals and strains that are tailored for sensual use. And we sell many of them at our Buddy Boy locations! More on that later…

There are a few questions commonly asked when it comes to cannabis and sex. We’re going to walk through some of these and answer them as best we can. These answers will be blunt and honest, so if you aren’t a fan of directly speaking about sex and the body parts involved, this post may not be for you.

Does weed make orgasms better?

Studies have shown that cannabis can increase blood flow, including blood flow to erogenous zones. For women, this is big. It’s no secret that women have a harder time reaching climax than the average man. According to one study, regular cannabis users report a heightened sense of pleasure and sensation than non-consumers. This can lead to an more accessible orgasms for women.

Shop at Buddy Boy for brands like Foria, a company that produces products like personal lubricants specifically aimed towards females.

Will cannabis before sex make me lazy during sex?

The stereotype of the “lazy stoner” has permeated so far that people think they will turn into a lazy lover if they smoke cannabis before sex. But don’t freak out, it all comes down to what strain you consume. A perky sativa, like Sour Tangie, could be just what you need to get your euphoria and energy pumping.

If you smoke a deep indica, maybe you’ll end up being more subdued in the bedroom. But why does that have to be a bad thing? Being relaxed during sex gets a bad reputation. A few puffs of a nice indica before intercourse (between two consenting adults) can help alleviate some of the anxiety and pent up nerves.

Does dry mouth apply to any other body parts?

Dry mouth is a familiar sensation to anyone that regularly consumes cannabis. After a few tokes or a couple bites of an edible, a person’s mouth can get uncomfortably dry. It quite literally feels like your mouth is full of cotton balls. Although researchers haven’t quite figured out why cannabis causes dry mouth, they do know it happens because of dry mucous membranes. Unfortunately, this dryness can reach other areas of the body…including a woman’s vagina.

Lubricant is vital to a positive sexual encounter. Luckily, there are easy fixes like staying hydrated (hydration really is the answer to almost every question in life) before and after cannabis consumption and foregoing strains that you know have caused you dry mouth in the past. One day, we may live in a world where cannabis is so heavily researched that we know exactly what strains tend to cause dry mouth. Until then, it’s trial and error, folks.

If neither of those solutions work for you, or you need a faster fix for an unexpected bout of dryness, any sexual lube can help you avert a crisis. If you really want to liven things up, try one of the cannabis-infused lubes we carry at Buddy Boy, like this one from Apothecanna.

Does cannabis use lower testosterone production?

Testosterone, the steroid hormone most associated with males, can be influenced by cannabis consumption. According to researchers at Reproductive Biology Research Foundation and the Missouri Clinical and Biochemical Laboratory, regular cannabis use can actually lower a male’s testosterone production.

But don’t be overly alarmed. According to that study, depression of testosterone production is pretty minimal and reversible. If a male stops consuming cannabis, testosterone levels tend to rise back to normal levels.

Does cannabis use lower your chances of getting pregnant?

Before we start here, let’s get one thing straight. Cannabis is not a form of birth control and it should not be treated as such.

But with that said, research shows that cannabis can make it more difficult to get pregnant. The first way that cannabis can make it harder to get pregnant has to do with “hyperactivation”, or the moment when the sperm stops riding the wave and starts swimming on its own to try and reach its final destination (the egg). Some researchers say that THC can cause sperm to go into hyperactivation immediately, leaving the sperm with too little energy to make it all the way to the egg.

Other research shows that even if sperm can get to the egg, THC can still affect the chances of getting pregnant. One study found that THC can cause a sperm cell to not release the enzyme needed to penetrate the egg’s wall.

What products are best when you want to mix pot and sex?

Besides the two amazing topical brands mentioned above, Buddy Boy Brands carries flower and concentrates that can help in the bedroom.

Cannabis Flower: Alpha Blue Strain

This award-winning sativa will hit you with a cerebral, euphoric high that cuts through any stress or anxiety. It’s perfect for those times when you can’t seem to turn your mind off and your body on. Smoke a little of this flower and you’ll be surprised by its fruity and earthy flavor and pleased with its effects.

Cannabis Concentrate: Panama Punch Pax Era Pod by The Lab

Not only will this be one of the most flavorful vaporizer cartridges you’ve ever tried, but it could be your ticket to a better sex life. Panama Punch is a nice, balanced hybrid that will give you a pretty intense high characteristic of a sativa. Try a bit of this cartridge before intercourse to be more present and appreciative of the moment.

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