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Scenic 420 Smoke Spots in Colorado to Visit This Spring

05/15/2018 Culture & Entertainment

While Colorado is most known for its winter scenes of skiing and snowboarding at world class mountain resorts, there is so much more to the off-season story. If you are lucky enough to live in or visit the state of Colorado during the Spring, you should take full advantage of all there is to see.

The snow begins to melt away, the land underneath starts showing off, and the Colorado sunshine highlights incredible views all around the state. It would be a shame to keep all of the beautiful scenic Colorado spots hidden from your eyes. So get out there! And bring a couple joints, a vape pen, or any other cannabis product you like to make the view even more spectacular.

Awesome Things to Do in Colorado in the Spring

Just remember, some of these places may have strict no-smoking policies so do your research and be obliging if someone asks you to put it out. Non-smoking rules are there for a reason, with many existing to protect the natural beauty of the land.

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There is more than one way to consume cannabis. If you want to head to a spot with strict smoking policies, stop in Buddy Boy Brands and we’ll point out some amazing products that aren’t smokable.

  • 420 Blaze It – St. Mary’s Glacier

St. Mary’s Glacier is an easy-to-moderate hike that is extremely popular with Colorado natives and visitors. The trail is located near Idaho Springs, Colorado and is 1.3 miles each way with a rolling elevation gain of 387 feet. The trail is gorgeous along the way, but the final view is absolutely breathtaking. You can even bring your furry friend on the trail, but make sure all dogs are leashed and you clean up any waste.

You can park your car for $5 (cash or check only) in a lot near the trailhead, but be aware: this spot is very busy on the weekends. Once you park and the car is no longer on, take out your vape pen, edible, or infused beverage and dose up before you head out for the hike. You won’t even need too much since this hike is only about an hour long.

  • 420 Blaze – Crested Butte

Normally known as a winter place, Crested Butte is often overlooked when it comes to the warmer months. But doing this would be a huge disservice to yourself because Crested Butte is absolutely gorgeous in the spring and summer (plus you’ll enjoy way lower rates on hotels and rentals).

Known as a wildflower capital of the country, the landscape really shows off this time of the year. Every direction you look there is greenery and fields of bright flowers all over the place. Plus, there are so many fun activities to try during the warmer months, including biking, fly fishing, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Plan a weekend here and grab a hotel. During your hotel search, look for a smoke-friendly room so you can be free to light up before you head out to explore the idyllic town.

  • Hanging Lake

It’s hard to overstate how gorgeous Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon is. Suspending off the edge of cliffs, a clear turquoise lake rife with waterfalls spills out and makes for a truly incredible sight. The only downside is that the mile long trail to get to the lake is arduous. Be ready for a steep and rocky climb. But it will all be worth it once you make it over the crest and take in the view.

To get you through the hike, pack some sativa joints or gummies with you. There are no written rules against smoking, but do your best to keep the place it as clean as you found it. Don’t leave any joint filters or piles of ash anywhere. And whatever you do, don’t jump in the water! Swimming is strictly prohibited, so don’t get any big ideas about taking a post-hike dip.

  • Seven Falls

For $14, you can explore one of the most beautiful natural scenes in Colorado, Seven Falls. As the name suggests, there are seven distinct waterfalls alongside a steep canyon wall. If you feel like getting your steps in, take the 224 stairs that follow alongside the waterfalls. If you are feeling a little more chill, skip the steps and take the super cool in-mountain elevator to get to the Eagle’s Nest. From there, you’ll get breathtaking views of all seven waterfalls.

If you are feeling adventurous, try out a zipline or hike one of the many trails surrounded Seven Falls. Wind down your day with some good food at Restaurant 1858, a fine dining restaurant in the park with unending views and a gorgeous patio. Get a reservation before you go, even if you just plan to stop in for lunch.

  • Garden of the Gods

Right outside of Colorado Springs is a world-class beauty, registered National Natural Landmark, and an iconic Colorado backdrop. Garden of the Gods is a must see part of the state if you are a visitor or a local. The red rocks are iconic, but they aren’t the only thing to see and do in Garden of the Gods Park. You can take a guided tour, hike a trail, rent a bike, try your hands at rock climbing, or take a Jeep tour if you’d prefer to sit down while taking in all the natural beauty.

  • Telluride

Telluride is one of the more famous spring and summer destinations in Colorado. The charming little mountain town is exactly what you would picture in your mind, full of cute little shops, restaurants, and other local haunts. But the real prize is the absolutely ridiculous landscape that surrounds the tiny town.

Pop an edible or two, or pack your vape pen, and spend the day exploring Telluride and eating great food, periodically looking up to take in all the grandeur around you. Don’t forget to take a gondola ride while there. It’s free for everyone (even dogs) so you truly have no excuse! You’ll spend 13-minutes in panoramic heaven and see every bit that Telluride has to offer.



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