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Should You Do a Cannabis Cleanse?

02/5/2018 Health & Wellness

This year may be the year you’ve decided to really start listening to your body. Many jumpstart a renewed commitment to oneself with a cleanse. Whether it’s a juice cleanse or an alcohol or sugar detox, a strict multi-day hiatus can be a great way to start fresh and reduce cravings.

These days, with cannabis gaining more and more popularity, people have started talking about weed tolerance breaks as a way to cleanse the system and start fresh. Doing a multi-day THC cleanse has all sorts of benefits and can be well worth the short term pain of abstinence.  In short, you will be resetting your endocannabinoid system while doing an overall cleanse.

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What is a weed tolerance break?

There are two things everyone should know about cannabis tolerance:

  1. Cannabis tolerance is largely dependent on genetics; some people are born with an ability to handle larger amounts. In fact, researchers know that females build up a tolerance to cannabis faster than men.
  2. Tolerance to cannabis happens very rapidly. The authors of a study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology concluded that the more cannabis is consumed, the more desensitized we are to its effects. When tolerance is increased, it requires more and more product to reach the same high or desired effects as it was when you first started consuming the plant.

Luckily, just as quickly as tolerance to cannabis comes, it goes. Obeying the 80s mantra to “just say no” for a few days can have your tolerance back down to a beginner’s level. After a three to seven days of abstaining, you’ll be able to more thoroughly feel the effects of cannabis with a smaller dose.

Why should you complete a marijuana cleanse?

If you’ve been wondering how to cleanse your body of cannabis or how to lower weed tolerance, a cannabis cleanse is really the step you should take. As we discussed above, it only takes a couple days to reset your tolerance to near-original levels.

Once you cleanse your body, you will be able to feel all of the effects of cannabis more vividly. If you are a cannabis patient, using it as a treatment for chronic pain or other conditions, even a one day tolerance break could help cannabis be a more effective medicine for you.

Completing a cannabis cleanse frequently (every couple of months, some people even do every few weeks) can help you save money. By lowering your tolerance, you will need less cannabis product to reach the same high.

Tips For Completing Your Very First THC Cleanse

If you’re going to do a cleanse, you might as well commit fully. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s very important to set yourself up for success. Take the time to mentally and physically prepare yourself and your surroundings to help ensure you get through the cleanse without any slip ups.

Preparation can do wonders for reducing cravings and temptations.  Here are some ideas …

  • Set a realistic timeline

Be realistic with yourself. If you think you’ll only be able to make it three or four days without caving in to smoking a joint, commit to only three or four days. Remember, cannabis tolerance builds just as rapidly as it declines. Even taking one full day to abstain can help lower your tolerance to a level that is beneficial to you.

Once you decide on your timeframe, write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere very visible to constantly remind you of your commitment.

  • Lower consumption in the days leading to the cleanse

While going cold turkey may work for some, it’s not a good method for most. In the days leading up to your cleanse, slowly lower your tolerance so you don’t completely shock your system on day one. The day before your cleanse, you should only consume a minimal amount of cannabis.

This will help prepare your body for complete cannabis hiatus. You’ll face even less temptation if you finish the last of your cannabis product before the cleanse starts.

  • Make sure all your smoking gear is put away

If it’s out of sight, it’s more likely to be out of mind. If you keep your bong, vape, bowl, or any other smoking accessories out and easily accessible, it’s a good idea to pack those neatly away. Try putting them in a shoe box or basket and storing it on a shelf in a closet your don’t usually access during a normal day.

If you want to make yourself extra temptation-proof, give your smoking accessories to a friend to hold onto for the length of your cleanse.

  • Replace your cravings with other activities

This tip is especially important if you typically consume cannabis around the same time every day. Breaking the craving that comes with habit can be one of the most difficult parts of your first day on the cleanse. Anytime you get a cannabis craving, do something active.

When a craving strikes, turn on your favorite song and dance it out or do jumping jacks in your living room until the craving goes away. It sounds crazy, but diverting your attention even for a couple minutes can be all you need to get through serious cannabis cravings.

  • Keep your other habits healthy

During your cleanse, it’s important to keep up with healthy habits. Eat healthy foods, drinking very large amounts of water (hydration!), exercise daily, get a good night’s sleep every night. Keeping up with healthy habits will make you feel physically and emotionally better in general, two things that will help you maintain your commitment and successfully complete your cleanse.

When I an endocannabinoid system reset or MJ cleanse, I drink a lot – a LOT – of fruit juice.  Try to stick with one high in vitamin C (orange juice will be your new best friend) and those with a lot of antioxidants, like berry or pomegranate juices.  Just watch the added-sugar; if you need to sweeten your juice up try adding 100% apple juice.  Or just power through it!

  • Ramp back up slowly

When that gloriously rewarding day comes and you are at the end of your cleanse, you may be tempted to consume a celebratory large amount of cannabis. It may be hard to resist this temptation, but it is important to take it slow for your first few days back.

Get to know your new tolerance level and ramp up slowly. You will probably only need a fraction of your pre-cleanse dose to achieve the same effects.

Final thoughts …

If you decide to try a cannabis tolerance cleanse in the New Year, we hope these tips help you successfully achieve your goal. Visit any Buddy Boy location after your cleanse is over and we’ll help you pick one of our amazing products to celebrate with.

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