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Surprising People Who Support Marijuana

09/16/2021 Culture & Entertainment
voting ballot to legalize marijuana

Some people just don’t surprise us that they support marijuana. Of course, we know heavy-duty weed smokers like Seth Rogen, Doug Benson, and Woody Harrelson. But there are some who surprised even us! Check out these unlikely supporters of marijuana … Some are in favor of medical and recreation, and some are just medical. And it really doesn’t matter. Just knowing that these unlikely people are giving their thumbs-up gives us hope that even more unlikely – and influential! – people are jumping on the MMJ bandwagon.

Charles Koch

So I’m just going to say it: I’m not a fan of Charles Koch or his brother known better as the Koch brothers. This duo has been political mega-donors for decades, helping to taint the US’s political system along the way. Their interest in US politics is more basic in their financial ideologies than their moral standing, having supported some very questionable candidates at all levels of the US political system.

But surprise, surprise Mr. Koch not only supports medical marijuana (which is pretty incredible in itself) but he also supports full legalization.  He once stated that prohibition is counter-productive and that America is ready for full legalization and that marijuana usage should be the individual’s choice.  He’s gone as far as to have donated tens of millions of dollars towards full legalization.

While it’s not sure if Mr. Koch partakes in the weed, wouldn’t it be awesome if he did?!

One half of the Koch Brothers: Charles.

The Dalai Lama

During a visit to Mexico in 2013 his holiness, the Dalai Lama told a crowd that he supported medical marijuana for conditions where it’s shown to be beneficial.  It’s not totally surprising that such a spiritual person would support medical marijuana but such a world-renown person making a public announcement of support is a big thing.  Such an announcement paves the way for broader overall support for marijuana.

His holiness stops, though, at medical marijuana, having stated that any drug or alcohol usage is not beneficial to the body.  Furthermore, he said to partake in recreational marijuana to achieve a “crazy mind” is not good.  It doesn’t quite make sense since medical marijuana users would also experience a “crazy mind”, but regardless any high-profile person supporting MMJ is a win for all of us!

The Dalai Lama speaks at an event in Berlin Germany, 2008.

Rick Steves

For those of us who have never seen the picture below, probably have thought Rick Steves to be a candy-coated, kinda-nerdy travel guru from public TV’s Rick Steves’ Europe.  It’s not too surprising that he’s Lutheran, but it’s a bit surprising that this guy-next-door TV personality is vocal about his support for full legalization of marijuana.  He has stated that his time in Europe helped open his eyes to soft vs. hard drugs and that marijuana should be regulated and taxed.  He also serves on the board of NORML – the national non-profit organization for reforming federal and state marijuana laws.

We applaud Rick’s support of the herb and while it’s not certain if he actually partakes in a little weed, from the picture below and his time in Europe we’re pretty sure that he’s at least inhaled a couple of times (or more!)!

Travel Writer and TV host Rick Steves in the 1970s – image courtesy of cbc.ca

Arnold Schwarzenegger

And Ahhh-nold. It’s not too surprising that Arnold Schwarzenegger supports medical marijuana, even as a conservative politician he was, after all, the governor of California. And well, you know California and weed go back a long way! And also given his European roots, again it’s not too, too surprising (though I really didn’t know!). But what makes Schwarzenegger’s support of weed so interesting is his own history of partaking in a little ganja back in the day!

It seems that he and Tommy Chong were really good friends back in the 70s! Apparently, Arnold smoked a bit on his own, but it was Tommy who taught him how to only smoke a couple of puffs and make a joint last. He also encouraged Arnold to work out after a few puffs and see how his workouts improved. Arnold said his workout did improve but then he later stopped smoking and simply worked out with his regular supplements (we won’t go into exactly what supplements …).

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Rome in 2018 promoting the latest Terminator movie.

Friends in High Places

While some of these might not be too surprising – heck, nowadays it seems like who isn’t supporting medical marijuana?! – it’s still awesome to see so many high-profile people backing marijuana, and some of them even full legalization. It seems like it’s only a matter of time!

What other well-known supporters of marijuana do you know that are surprising?  We’d love to hear from you!



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